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  1. OdgenTugbyGlub

    11 Random Songs on your MP3 player/computer

    Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix Schism - Tool Pioneers - Bloc Party Ocean Breaths Salty - Modest Mouse Bury Me With It - Modest Mouse You Don't Know Me - T.I. Testify - Rage Against The Machine Friendship - Tenacious D Karma Police - Radiohead Everything is Everything - Lauren Hill On a Plain - Nirvana
  2. OdgenTugbyGlub

    I have a new Avatar

    And Crappiest Non-sequitor Analogy goes too......
  3. OdgenTugbyGlub

    The "Theory" of Evolution vs. "Creationism"

    (sorry wrong thread people)
  4. OdgenTugbyGlub

    What is it?

    But is is a human individual? Does it think? Does it have sensory capabilities and does it recognized any sensory input? It is a human beggining not a human individual. DNA is merely a blueprint for the building, not the edifice itself.
  5. OdgenTugbyGlub

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    I agree with this entirely, I even said so. This is one of the reasons i think some people are pro-choice instead of pro-life. Yes I am adding a criteria of functionality, this is because I don't believe in a preexisting soul. I believe what makes us human is our mind, and as such a...
  6. OdgenTugbyGlub

    I have a new Avatar

    Going waaaaaay back... AND As I said before, DNA tests can be used to determine A) if the organic material is human in origin and B) if the material of human origin matches that of any other sample material, which we can use to prove that both materials are of the same origin, in the WTC case...
  7. OdgenTugbyGlub

    Bush for Nobel Peace Prize...

    FYI: dead people cannot be nominated for a Nobel Award, nor can they recieve one posthumously if they win and die before the presentation of the award. Side note: I though Carter won it for his Habitat For Humanity work, not his presidency.
  8. OdgenTugbyGlub

    African American

    You'll notice I didn't say that ONLY blacks have sickle cell anemia, but I said instead that a much greater percentage of the black population that has the semi-sickle cell condition. No where did I assert that this is purely an occurance in the black population. Did that clear it up?
  9. OdgenTugbyGlub

    I have a new Avatar

    Searching for the specific combination of DNA into 22 chromosomes (plus the "sex determining" chromosome) is a way of determining whether the genetic material is of human orgin. However, when we get into the subject of what defines that genetic material as a human individual we wander into...
  10. OdgenTugbyGlub

    African American

    One such example is the prevalence of the semi-sickle cell anemia (spl?) pairing in the black population. While this is a "racial difference", it is in no way a detriment; in fact if we all went to jungles of south america, a whole lot more of the black population would survive due to this...
  11. OdgenTugbyGlub

    Funeral Music

    Gin and Juice, because who wants to go out like a punk bitch?
  12. OdgenTugbyGlub

    Looks like Mark Warner will put his hat in the ring for 2008

    Mark Warner is a cool guy, he spoke to the Young Democrats at our school and I went to see him. Hes certainly not the wet blanket that Kerry was.
  13. OdgenTugbyGlub

    I have a new Avatar

    This arguement doesn't make any sense. DNA is merely the blue print for your physiology, it doesn't equate to an individual. As tecoyah pointed out, my fingernail clippings have exact copies of my DNA in them, and based on blind DNA tests you couldn't determine which sample was actually ME and...
  14. OdgenTugbyGlub

    Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?

    You know AlbqOwl if you're so keen on "defending Christmas" you should be THANKING these stores that don't put up "Merry Christmas" signs. After all, hasn't Christmas become overly commercialized in the past few decades? Looks like the stores are doing your work for you. The less people are...
  15. OdgenTugbyGlub

    Could this work?

    I take offense to that sir, its a good a judge of a man as any other rule.... :lol:
  16. OdgenTugbyGlub

    What would a real-life debatepolitics.com gathering be like?

    Well we could graft inflatable dildos to the pelvis...
  17. OdgenTugbyGlub

    A question for my pro abortion/choice friends......

    I have a question for you; what's your point?
  18. OdgenTugbyGlub

    Could this work?

    Once again, I'm not 100% sure how this works, but I think its not the density of the material itself, but the density of the elements used to comprise it. Lead is a "heavy" enough element to cause the gamma rad. to lose energy, but I'm not sure the photophlactic (spl??) cells could do this...
  19. OdgenTugbyGlub

    Hello My Name is Lisa

    all bold/italic comments are mine.
  20. OdgenTugbyGlub

    Bush Finally Has a Plan...2 1/2 Years Too Late

    Perhaps not complicated in theory, but complicated as hell in practice. You can say thats the plan if you want, but how do you propose to ACHIEVE those four goals? In other words, yes, it is that complicated.
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