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  1. StillPhil

    Trick-or-treater, 12, shot to death, police say

    Trick-or-treater, 12, shot to death, police say This is one of the most horrifying stories I've ever heard. What. The. F**k.
  2. StillPhil

    Former Bush aide voting for Obama

    Former Bush aide voting for Obama Never thought I'd see this day. Weird. :shock:
  3. StillPhil

    Daily Show's John Stewart on Palin Experience & Sexism

    This was from the Wed September 3rd show. It never ceases to amaze me that a Comedy Central show can do what the 24-hour News folks can't (or won't). Here he shows the obvious hypocrisy of Repulicans playing up Palin's experience and of their playing the "Sexism" card, by showing clips of...
  4. StillPhil

    Kurt Vonnegut obituary on Fox News

    This is a few weeks old, but I didnt see a topic for it, so here it is. :doh I dont see the point of making political jabs at a dead man. What do you think? Fox News Kurt Vonnegut Video Wait---Vonnegut wasn't a great American writer? Dispondent leftism? Irrelevant?
  5. StillPhil

    LEFT BEHIND the Video Game : This is CREEPY!!

    Okay, this "Dominionist Christianity" movement is becoming more disturbing by the day. (Only rational replies please. I'm not bashing Christianity. "Dominionist Christianity" is something different.) Check this out! :shock: http://www.talk2action.org/story/2006/5/29/195855/959 Some...
  6. StillPhil

    UMM...Exactly how many of the 9/11 highjackers are still ALIVE & WELL???

    Okay. :doh I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but a friend introduced me to loosechange911.com and I gotta say...It raised a lot of good questions. loosechange911.com For instance... How are so many of the alleged highjackers still alive if they flew planes into buildings...
  7. StillPhil

    Universal Healthcare! Come on U.S. Get with it.

    Isn't it about time for this? I'm posting two articles for it, and two against it. Take note that the articles against Universal Healthcare, despite their Compassion of Mind--mentality, they still seem to miss the mark that there are people--right now--who are suffering and need attention as...
  8. StillPhil

    Logic Question????

    I got into a discussion with my Dad last night. I'll try to sum this up as best I can. We were talking about Terror attacks. My Dad said that we have to see things from the terrorists point of view in order to understand why they would do something like this. Our example was 9-11. I agreed...
  9. StillPhil

    Young Earth Creationist - Kent Hovind

    Hello. I'm new to this forum, and this is my first post. Just recently I was watching some video tapes loaned to me by a friend. My friend is a Christian and I am not. The Videos were of a Man named Dr. Kent Hovind addressing a congregation. Has anyone heard of this man? Okay. This guy...
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