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  1. Travelsonic

    Arizona university students demand administration to 'withdraw' Kyle Rittenhouse: 'killer off our campus'

    Defamation, and lawsuit over defamation being a thing IMO makes me feel it isn't as limitless as it could be, at least when it comes to civil law. (IANAL tho - and I say this irrespective of if civil litigation would be successful or not here) For those who say there is no chance of defamation...
  2. Travelsonic

    YouTube doesn't like progressives having bad ratios.

    IMO even if it is across the board (which IIRC it will be), it's a problem - but not for any kind of politics related bullcrap (IMO) but becasue it removes valuable signals for people to quickly identify and avoid (and/or report) scam, clickbait videos. This is actually one hell of a...
  3. Travelsonic

    Barr Asks Apple to Unlock Pensacola Killer’s Phones, Setting Up Clash

    :roll: Got any proof for that assertion besides the inability to hand over non-existent keys to a non-existent backdoor, the presence of which would put the security of anyone using iOS at risk?
  4. Travelsonic

    Apple Takes a (Cautious) Stand Against Opening a Killer’s iPhones

    To freely access phone data that is encrypted like the FBI SEEMS to want requires a backdoor, which is by definition, a vulnerability - so I am not at all surprised that Apple, A TECH COMPANY, would oppose it, whilst the likes of many in our govt. seem to ignore, or are unwilling to learn, about...
  5. Travelsonic

    Should flag burning be protected speech

    That'd be assault, and IMO, you'd be the ****ter person for doing it regardless of how offensive the protest may be. IMO, people who think it should be freedom of speech to assault people who protest in legal manners that offend them … I've seen the sentiment expressed on other places by...
  6. Travelsonic

    Babbel Pulls Ad From Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Show Because It’s ‘So Repugnant’

    Pointing out that non-violent speech that one finds reprehensible or disgusting is still protected =/= supporting or opposing specific statements, it's just pointing out a fact.
  7. Travelsonic

    The Final Version of the EU's Copyright Directive Is the Worst One Yet

    ... a webpage can't completely overwrite the host browser's functionality - the browser's own save feature would still be usable. Not to mention that basic scripts that use those copy+paste blocks (which IMO are sheer idiocy) could be dealt with by use of addons, or using a browser's inspector...
  8. Travelsonic

    Eat Like Trump for A Day

    Borderline blue rare is how I take mine - nothing on it but salt and/or pepper.
  9. Travelsonic

    Is it Racist for White Countries to Remain White?

    No, rather than just accept a term we've never heard before, "White country," we're gonna ask for clarification. Not knowing what "white country" means =/= not knowing what "white" in a more general racial sense means.
  10. Travelsonic

    The C-Word, how offensive do you rank it, scale 1 to 10?

    Maybe my perception is lacking structure, but it feels soweird how disproportionate the word is treated in the U.S vs everywhere else. I mean, it seems, again merely perception, that it is treated as a word that is not used in police conversation, yet is treated here like you ran over a bus...
  11. Travelsonic

    The real message is getting lost in White House's war on NFL

    Re: NFL players are tired of Trump's lies Put for actions done in protest? IMO THIS is at least partially why people bring up the first amendment when it comes to the issue of kneeling - as it would seem problematic for any govt. funding, or tax breaks, to be taken away for protests that...
  12. Travelsonic

    Woman pleads guilty to making up rape allegations against two college football players

    Death penalty? No. Really severe punishment? Hell yes.
  13. Travelsonic

    Are there more uneducated voters on the left or on the right?

    IMO, this poll needs at least two more options - "they are about equal," and "other" - I really don't know if one or the other really can be classified as more uneducated than the other, honestly.
  14. Travelsonic

    There are ONLY 2 genders. All the rest is SJW brainwashing bull****[W:67]

    Re: There are ONLY 2 genders. All the rest is SJW brainwashing bull**** But that's sex. That's a biological construct, and different from gender identity, which is a sociological construct that looks not just our physical makeup, but also our assumed roles, societial expectations, and the...
  15. Travelsonic

    Sexual Assault Victims

    Eh, I think he was just saying that you can create a poll with opnions, and not give your opinion on the matter per-se.
  16. Travelsonic

    What do you say to a grammar Nazi

    C. Gesundheit.
  17. Travelsonic

    After New York attack, Trump calls for ending 'Diversity Visa Lottery Program'

    Meh, I prefer rugby - no padding whatsoever, no stopping and starting BS when one team scores, possession changes, etc, and tackling is a hell of a lot safer (going into it with your shoulder, grappling to make your target lose their balance).
  18. Travelsonic

    Should Employers Be Able to Force Employees to Wear High Heels?

    I wonder what routines those with back problems have, vs those who don't, with regards to working out - I think it'd be interesting to see statistical analysis, and see if those who work out regularly doing things like squats, bench, and deadlifts (properly, with good form) are in a better...
  19. Travelsonic

    "Digital Blackface".

    The fact that the video has 491 likes, and over 71,000 dislikes (That's right, only .68% of the votes on the video are upvotes), is hysterical... people really seem to have not taken the idea this person is trying to convey well. I wish comments were not disabled on it, so people could have...
  20. Travelsonic

    Grenfell Towers doesn't come crashing down, crashing down, crashing down [W:57]

    Not to intentionally meta-moderate or anything, but WTF is this doing in Breaking News - MSM, and not in the conspiracy theories subsection?
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