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  1. Kat-2

    Is Bill Clinton A Rapist?

    I have never really thought of Clinton as a rapist, no. Abuser of his power? Yeah. Womanizer? Yeah. Cheat? Yeah.
  2. Kat-2

    Palin's big farwell...

    Oh that's a hoot.:roll:
  3. Kat-2

    Are you Obese?

    Another not obese, not skinny one here.
  4. Kat-2

    The best sex you ever had?

  5. Kat-2

    Why the Rightist Irrationality?

    Are you nuts? (no offense-rhetorical) I don't like sex. I love sex! No guilt here. Please prove that conservatives don't like sex, and that they feel guilty as hell. Prove that one while you're at it. Of course? I REALLY want to see you prove that one.
  6. Kat-2

    How Do I???

    Thank you!! :kissy:
  7. Kat-2

    How Do I???

    How do I shut off notifications? How do I shut off ''subscribing'' to a topic that I post a reply in? I am not crazy about getting all of the email notifications with each reply. :3oops: Thanks
  8. Kat-2

    Bush-Era Debate: Using G.I.’s in U.S.

    Re: Report: Bush mulled sending troops into Buffalo I would imagine MANY things are considered. So what.
  9. Kat-2

    Should a person be allowed to commit suicide?

    I voted no. Been there with loved ones, and it is not a fun thing to go through.
  10. Kat-2

    Hello from the Mississippi coast!

    Hey bella! :mrgreen:
  11. Kat-2

    How Would You Be Harmed By Society's Acceptance of Same Sex Marriage?

    I was wondering if anyone has actually said they would be harmed?
  12. Kat-2

    How Would You Be Harmed By Society's Acceptance of Same Sex Marriage?

    Please define ''harmed''.
  13. Kat-2

    Roll Tide

  14. Kat-2

    Raped 9-Year-Old Has Abortion

    :3oops: Thank you!
  15. Kat-2

    Raped 9-Year-Old Has Abortion

    Honestly, I do know what you are trying to say. I think unless we are an aborted fetus, one that experienced an abortion, we can't know positively what it is like, or what is felt, no matter what we are told. Sorry if I came across snarky.
  16. Kat-2

    Raped 9-Year-Old Has Abortion

    Right. I know..it was a ''pre-people''. Heard it all. ;)
  17. Kat-2

    Raped 9-Year-Old Has Abortion

    It only went through death. :roll:
  18. Kat-2

    Raped 9-Year-Old Has Abortion

    Being anti-abortion, I still can't fault this raped 9 year old in getting an abortion. Can't say for sure what I would do in the same situation. What a horrible position to be in.:( What took place should be between the ones involved and God, not the church, and what the church did was absurd...
  19. Kat-2

    Should Obama debate Rush?

    They are? Who, and since when? What I don't get it why so much is made of this....and why the dems seem so desperate to go after Rush. Like I said before, he is a radio talk show host. What are they afraid of, and why are they doing this rather than try and do something with the suck economy...
  20. Kat-2


    Thank you guys! Still feeling my way around here..
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