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  1. J

    Will the men in the Arbery shooting be convicted?

    I think they are found NOT guilty. They are using the same defense that worked in the Rittenhouse trial. Yes we pointed a firearm at him.. but he fought us and fearing for our lives.. we had to shoot him.
  2. J

    Must read..covid poem by icu nurse

    This poem was written after a tough day in the icu by a nurse. By Sara McDonald I am a covid veteran This is a different kind of war A war some don’t believe in A war some mock, a “hoax” The trauma is real The dying is real Running down the halls one room after another “put your mask back on”...
  3. J

    What Trump tactic happens tonight

    Thought it would be interesting to see what people think Trump's antics will be tonight.
  4. J

    A Medical provider: To my republican friends. Screw you. To my democrat friends.. screw you too

    As a medical provider I have to vent a little bit during my "break". I have family and friends in healthcare that are risking their lives and their families lives helping YOU. (democrat and republican). And I hear all about how you "appreciate us". Well... to my republican friends...
  5. J

    Police get off from another shooting.

    A rancher in Idaho was called out (by police dispatch) to put down his Angus bull after it was involved in a car accident. He ended up getting shot to death by two deputies while his wife stood by. A closer look at the Yantis shooting investigation | KTVB.COM
  6. J

    Gun Control and self defense: Zimmerman and other examples

    In the interesting of not derailing a thread. I would like to start a thread on discussing the law and self defense. Under the law.. when you declare that you killed someone in self defense... you are NOT presumed innocent until proven guilty. You have waived that when you admit to killing...
  7. J

    Can anyone explain why Obama chose NOW to act on immigration with an EO? [W:118]

    For the life of me.. I can't figure out whats to gain here. This seems like a terrible move politically. In my opinion.. he should have waited until after the new Congress was sworn in.. and then said.. vote on the immigration bill already passed by the Senate.. or a new bill... otherwise ...
  8. J

    Fellow republicans: explain why the shutdown and default is good fiscal policy.

    As a republican and a staunch conservative... I really would like those that support the shutdown and the debt limit fight to explain how doing such is in line with fiscal responsibility
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