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  1. Rickeroo

    America gained 2.5 million new millionaires last year

    https://www.cnn.com/2022/09/21/business/millionaires-global-wealth-report-intl-hnk/index.html ...boosted by gains in the stock market and house prices Note that "millionaire" doesn't mean you're making a million dollars a year. You qualify if your assets exceed one million, such as...
  2. Rickeroo

    Migrants dropped off at VP Harris's residence

    I'm at work, can't confirm this. If true, this is absolutely hilarious.
  3. Rickeroo

    Entire "crime and justice" preview: 100% Blacks. CNN's motivation please.

    Story 1, 2 and 3. This is something Fox would report on. What's the motivation for CNN to print these stories? Aren't there whites that commit crime too?
  4. Rickeroo

    Black couple sues after they say home valuation rises nearly $300,000 when shown by White colleague

    https://www.cnn.com/2022/08/19/us/black-couple-home-appraisal-lawsuit-reaj/index.html dramatically undervaluing their home in an appraisal because of Plaintiffs' race and their home's location adjacent to a Black census block, notwithstanding that it is also located within Homeland, an...
  5. Rickeroo

    The Portland thread

    While I will be poking fun at the 'progressive' nature of Portland, I'll also be offering advice and statistics that may be of use to Portland's victims - upstanding, working people that own property and pay their taxes. Local news station KGW is a wealth of information. Let's examine today's...
  6. Rickeroo

    41% of nonwhite teachers approve of "limits" to discussing race and racism

    https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/new-survey-teachers-say-re-told-not-talk-racism-race-rcna42457 The survey found that over half (54%) of all teachers and principals oppose legal limits on classroom conversations about racism, sexism and other controversial topics. The opposition to limits on...
  7. Rickeroo

    The Muslim killer of Albuquerque

    https://www.cnn.com/2022/08/10/us/albuquerque-muslim-men-killings-wednesday/index.html Muhammad Syed was arrested in connection to the deaths of Muslim men in New Mexico. What a joke.
  8. Rickeroo

    Mass shooting leaves at least 9 injured in downtown Cincinnati

    https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/mass-shooting-leaves-least-9-injured-downtown-cincinnati-rcna41895 Just like the Orlando "mass shooting" a few weeks ago, we have another one here. I realize 'mass shooting' is quite the buzzword today, but it's definition is being watered down with the...
  9. Rickeroo

    The non-aborted's views on abortion

    I could also entertain topics such as: - A white slave owner's view of Black slavery in 1850 - A king's view on the state of peasants in his realm - A Nazi's view of Jews in 1938 - The Koch brother's views of the poor - A white cisgender male's view of a Black transwoman So tell me...
  10. Rickeroo

    A mass shooting in downtown Orlando leaves 7 people hospitalized

    https://www.cnn.com/2022/07/31/us/orlando-downtown-mass-shooting/index.html Wanted to get this in before I even read the article: 1. 6 or under killed is over-represented by Blacks. With only 7 injured and no fatalities, this was likely "gang" related. 2. Relatively minor placement on CNN...
  11. Rickeroo

    Transgenderism and race: Understanding the left

    Here's an elementary school lesson about trans, purportedly from the Portland public school system says Chris Rufo. I'm not a big fan of 'heresay', and would rather a direct link to Portland's school site. That being said, lesson plans on district sites are hard to come by. It has pretty much...
  12. Rickeroo

    Why I like the "transgender" argument

    I was inspired by @Craig234 's thread here. I think very few people on the right would deny that transgenderism exists and gender is on a scale. A man could identify with feminine traits, be in touch with his emotions, and want to teach kindergarten - a "woman" in every way but physical. A butch...
  13. Rickeroo

    Confirmed: The DOW doesn't like inflation

    Going back to 1969, average yearly DOW returns, adjusted for inflation: 0-2% inflation: 10.25% adjusted average annual return. The average of the years experiencing this level of inflation was 2009. 2-4% inflation: 7.00%. 1999 was the average year. 4-6% inflation: 3.45%. 1985 was...
  14. Rickeroo

    House prices up 40% in one year (effective)

    If we go just by median sales price, prices are up 4% (actually down 2% if you factor in inflation). However, for the masses that borrow money: Last year: $411k median price, 3% interest 30 yr mortgage, $1733 a month Now: $428k median price, 5.5% interest 30 yr mortgage, $2430 a month People...
  15. Rickeroo

    Incarceration: The South is the least racist area of the country

    Who knew that Massachusetts was the most racist state with regard to Hispanic imprisonment? In both maps, the "racist" South is looking pretty good. Maybe it's because of all the confederate statues: Incarceration rate by race and state. Confederate statue distribution.
  16. Rickeroo

    "America's deadly weekend"

    https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/06/politics/senate-gun-control-negotiations/index.html a staggering nine mass shootings since Friday deepened trauma from recent massacres at a Buffalo supermarket, a Texas elementary school and a mass shooting at a Tulsa, Oklahoma medical center. The MSM is...
  17. Rickeroo

    Tulsa hospital shooting doesn't count

    The media is again trying to link random school shootings with targeted murders committed by Blacks. This is a standard Baltimore / Chicago "gang/domestic" type shooting event.
  18. Rickeroo

    School shooting yearly death toll scaled to St. Louis: 49,665

    I took St Louis's homicide rate at 64.5 per 100,000 and scaled that to 77 million K-12 and college students in the US. The most prolific school shooter (32 deaths), an Asian named Seung-Hui Cho, would have to repeat his feat 4 times a day, every day, to match St Louis's death rate.
  19. Rickeroo

    Monkeypox - homosexual over-representation percentage please.

    I've done some looking, and it looks like "men who have sex with men" are on the radar with this thing. What percent of gay men represent the current caseload? I realize there's a social reason to keep this quiet, but we have a right to know what increases our risk.
  20. Rickeroo

    Reason for the reduction in White Supremacist attacks?

    With 61 killed since 2017, no doubt that white supremacy is a huge problem, with 39 killed in 2018/2019 comprising 64% of those killed . This is only over 36% of the 2017-present timeframe. From 2020 to present, a period of 2.5 years, 17 have been killed including those in Buffalo and the...
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