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  1. TurkSol

    Should Muslims be permitted to immigrate to the United States

    Thank you for ur answer , even thou the government that is in charge for the moment is close to the islamic view ..we as the state and the people of the Republic of Turkey ..as u know as well ..differt religon from state when Turkey was created by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk ..With the joining of Eu ...
  2. TurkSol

    Can Condi be beaten in '08?

    i don t thing so
  3. TurkSol

    the world bank

    Everyone should know that without the WB a lot of 3rd world countries would not be down in economics..such as libya-african countries-and asians like philipeans or taiwan...
  4. TurkSol

    If United Europe Went to War With The U.S.A

    this is something i can t happen but if it would happen hmmm..hard to say because it s a continental war ..and it would be more a seas war..:confused: donno what would be the result
  5. TurkSol

    Iraq,Muslims Killing Muslims

    Who started all this mess ?? now what is happening is simpel ..Shia vs Sunni ..and the reason is to build up the government !! ..i know one thing for sure ..us won t be able to sort it out..wait and u will see as well...
  6. TurkSol

    WW1 Interactive Movie!

    thnx for shareing:cool:
  7. TurkSol

    Computer Programs to Recommend

    ad-aware Karpersky Msn :mrgreen:
  8. TurkSol


    Malibu or whiskey ..that s my favorite
  9. TurkSol

    Aruba--would you go there?

    agree with u ...;)
  10. TurkSol

    Sex Ed.

    i would say they should take until the border..but not cross it:cool:
  11. TurkSol

    Should Muslims be permitted to immigrate to the United States

    The people that would say yes to that pool pls understand one thing islam is a religon and arabs are a culture ..i am Turkish citizen, my religon is islam but i study in a american university and i guess as u know as well , since a long time we had between the countries good relaxions.anyway if...
  12. TurkSol


    of course not , they are human as well , as thou they made crimes etc ..if we torture them ..they will start a hatrens against the people outside ..and when they are out..they will be worse for the society
  13. TurkSol

    Your favorite sports? (and why)

    Soccer...:mrgreen: because it s a game that u have to fight for ..and love to be a die hard fan...:2razz:
  14. TurkSol

    What is the most boring professional sport?

    For me baseball...is the most boring game ever :mrgreen:
  15. TurkSol

    World Cup 2006

    today the play off are gonna be decided....Turkey-Slovakia that s what i guess...we are gonna take our place in Germany...:cool:
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