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  1. Rickeroo

    America gained 2.5 million new millionaires last year

    https://www.cnn.com/2022/09/21/business/millionaires-global-wealth-report-intl-hnk/index.html ...boosted by gains in the stock market and house prices Note that "millionaire" doesn't mean you're making a million dollars a year. You qualify if your assets exceed one million, such as...
  2. Rickeroo

    The electric vehicle climate change push is a false solution.

    The good news is that global warming isn't a big deal - otherwise there would be a call for far more than performative reductions in CO2. We'd be getting advice for massive reductions in consumption: essential items only like food and shelter. Single family houses would be looked upon as...
  3. Rickeroo

    DeSantis Flies Migrants To Martha's Vinyard

    Reading some of these posts, it's as if some people think certain areas of the country aren't responsible for taking care of brown people from South America.
  4. Rickeroo

    Are the bused migrants from FL and TX actually illegals?

    Martha's Vineyard can do their fair share and process their asylum applications - other states have their hands full already.
  5. Rickeroo

    Are the bused migrants from FL and TX actually illegals?

    I think the main point of busing is to share the burden of babysitting the South Americans - illegals, asylum seekers, whatever you want to call them. I've not heard that these people work to earn money, so I only can assume that they are in some type of state-provided shelter. Each state...
  6. Rickeroo

    Migrants dropped off at VP Harris's residence

    A main thrust of the left's "support" for illegals is the ability to call republicans racist for not supporting illegals. When Texas, Florida and Arizona bus illegals to other parts of the country, it allows us to examine what "support" actually means.
  7. Rickeroo

    Migrants dropped off at VP Harris's residence

    The story has hit the big time! CNN is covering it! The US has been grappling with an uptick of Venezuelan migrants who have fled a deteriorating situation in that country in large numbers Does "the US" include Starbucks-sipping, hemp-wearing hippies in Portland, or just Texas?
  8. Rickeroo

    Migrants dropped off at VP Harris's residence

    I'm at work, can't confirm this. If true, this is absolutely hilarious.
  9. Rickeroo

    DeSantis Flies Migrants To Martha's Vinyard

    Agree 1000%. Very few headlines fill me with joy, but this one did.
  10. Rickeroo

    The "N" word.

    It's rarely used today, but still makes national news. In that case, a principal was comparing it to "cracker" and not using it as an insult. While it's usage is certianly uncouth, I think there's too much emphasis placed on it, and this is because we're avoiding the main issue as a society - a...
  11. Rickeroo

    Entire "crime and justice" preview: 100% Blacks. CNN's motivation please.

    Story 1, 2 and 3. This is something Fox would report on. What's the motivation for CNN to print these stories? Aren't there whites that commit crime too?
  12. Rickeroo

    Understanding Racism and Antiracism

    Everything really, but primarily wealth and income.
  13. Rickeroo

    Understanding Racism and Antiracism

    There are a few things wrong with the way race is framed currently: - Jews and Asians function better than whites in a white (western capitalist) dominated society - The north has a greater disparity between whites and Blacks; the south is unfairly treated - The "do" part of antiracism focuses...
  14. Rickeroo

    Conservatives: Should we just stop trying at this point ?

    Demographically you're correct - a leftist US is inevitable, but there is still considerable time left, perhaps 50 years. It depends basically on whether the dems convince Hispanics that they are Black, or if conservatives convince Hispanics that they are white.
  15. Rickeroo

    Let's get one thing straight about Roe

    Absolutely correct. From wiki: On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court issued a 7–2 decision holding that the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides a fundamental "right to privacy", which protects a pregnant woman's right to an abortion The...
  16. Rickeroo

    Watch: Texas school board clashes with angry mom who wants Gandhi banned because of CRT

    This is unfortunate. CRT in schools involves: 1. Teaching that one is oppressed or oppressor based on race 2. Segregating students or treating students differently based on #1 3. Having teacher trainings based on #1
  17. Rickeroo

    Income Equality, Not Inequality, Is the Problem

    A hallmark of the left is to take away someone's sense of personal responsibility, leaving them vulnerable to empty promises.
  18. Rickeroo

    Black couple sues after they say home valuation rises nearly $300,000 when shown by White colleague

    Admittedly, I got caught up with the celebrity of the whole thing, like the posters here. We're talking about an individual house owned by 2 Blacks, and basically arguing whether it is or is not worthy of being in a "white" neighborhood.
  19. Rickeroo

    Black couple sues after they say home valuation rises nearly $300,000 when shown by White colleague

    The lawsuit (and CNN) specify that race/racism accounts for 100% of the difference in appraisals.
  20. Rickeroo

    Finally my breakdown on JK Rowling's transphobic letter

    A woman is more than her psychology - as swim competitions wil attest to. Keep in mind that I'm not arguing against someone living the way they want to live, and I understand that calling a transwoman a "woman" has all the appearances of a nice thing to do. I get the 'acceptance' part of it...
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