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  1. Mr. D

    What Atheism is NOT!

    Re: I don't... I didn't... what? Yes, but it's an easy way to make a good living! After all, you can check other people's work! :D
  2. Mr. D


    A sexual involvement of any type that you are dishonest about with you significant other is cheating. Cheating is being dishonest! If you feel guilt, you are cheating by YOUR own standards! It is about trust relationships, not sex! Swingers have sex with other people than their partners, but...
  3. Mr. D

    What Atheism is NOT!

    Re: "I do not believe in any god(s)." /= "I believe that there is/are no god(s)." Maybe, but be quiet! There are billions of them and they don't know it! :eek: You have to know what you don't know to be an agnostic! The religious have all the answers just like the fairy tales!
  4. Mr. D

    What Atheism is NOT!

    (1.) It seems to me quite obvious that if a person holds a belief that no god exists, he holds that belief in faith since no evidence is present to confirm that belief. As we all know you cannot prove a negative. Attach whatever name you wish to this position. Most people who don't write in...
  5. Mr. D

    What Atheism is NOT!

    Please explain the difference between an atheist and an agnostic. The above did not make it clear to me. The difference you note seems to be a difference with little meaning. A clear definition would be nice for someone who thought he was an agnostic! :confused: You certainly don't use...
  6. Mr. D

    Shocked about Terrorism?? Why?

    Oxford American Dictionary: Terrorism - the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. Terrorism is as old as man's conflict, yet we act shocked when it is used against us! Vlad the Impaler (of Dracula legend) hung the Muslim invaders on pikes alive to terrorize Muslims...
  7. Mr. D

    Is it true?

    It always comes back to the unanswerable question: "If our public schools are so bad, how do so many Asian immigrants get great educations in them and then go on to top colleges to become doctors, etc.?" We know the answer don't we! :lol:
  8. Mr. D

    When guns are outlawed....

    As we should all know, you can't prove a negative. So saying you can't prove crimes are not commited due to reasonable gun control is obvious, but the more guns produced that have no other purpose other than killing people quickly the more chance they can get into the hands of criminals, wackos...
  9. Mr. D

    When guns are outlawed....

    All you have to do is read the newspapers and you see evidence that supports the deaths caused by weapons designed to fire large numbers of rounds without reloading. Ask any policeman fired at by an semi auto weapon with a 30 shot clip. I am not in any way supporting taking away any weapons...
  10. Mr. D

    When guns are outlawed....

    Rather than jumping on the slippery slope of believing the government wants to enslave us by taking our guns, why don't you answer the question why we need weapons designed solely as WMD! I've been a gun nut and a hunter all my life and I don't need 30 shot clips or 50 caliber machine guns...
  11. Mr. D

    Kill me now congragulations

    Why fret! Bush still has the power to attack Iran or North Korea! He can still harm the world some more with his NeoCon mythology!
  12. Mr. D

    A Soldiers View

    Click on: http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/nwzchik/index?
  13. Mr. D

    Christian Hubris

    hubris |ˈ(h)yoōbris| noun - excessive pride or self-confidence. Evidently past history like Vietnam doesn't apply to us because we are Christian Americans and God speaks to our leaders! God gave a piece of real estate to the Jews, but he gave America the evangelical right to bring...
  14. Mr. D

    To the Liberals, Anti war crowd, and Bush critics

    History repeats itself only to those who study history and are open minded enough to learn from it! Obviously many are not. For many, no lessons were learned from Vietnam. I'm old enough to remember all the domino theory scare tactics used to scare us into the Vietnam War. "We better fight them...
  15. Mr. D

    Where is America's soul

    A percentage of Americans really don't believe in the values of our Bill of Rights. It's always been that way! Another percentage backed Bush and they don't want to admit they were wrong, so they "Stay the Course" and buy into any explanation that will let them off the hook. Many Americans...
  16. Mr. D

    education for everyone?

    I can finally agree with something you said! :2wave: Valuing education is the most important ingredient to getting an education! Money only helps when the desire is already there! That's what is missing in so many American kids whose parents feel the public school system is failing them...
  17. Mr. D

    Atheism is a religion

    Stated correctly above, atheism is as much a religion as Christianity. It is a belief in something that cannot be proved by fact contrary to what any zealots say! If religion could be proven by fact it would be science. All notions to the contrary are just contortions of logic to justify ones...
  18. Mr. D

    The Problem With Public Schools-Teacher's Unions

    Right! Schools don't have many tools to enforce values and discipline if the parent doesn't at home. Contemporary society expects too little from our children in terms of behavior and discipline. It is common to see children take away others rights by screaming and misbehaving in restaurants...
  19. Mr. D

    The Problem With Public Schools-Teacher's Unions

    I'd try to explain it to you, but in your case, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink!" :D For those who will consider the issue with an open mind, the point has always been that schools and teachers are not perfect, but the major impediment to learning in this country is...
  20. Mr. D

    Who's Really in Denial? It's not President Bush

    Mr. Kristol's points have been countered in words and by reality. They are just an attempt to put a good face on his failed NeoCon policy. His points make sense as long as you don't look at reality. "Misson accomplished!" As to my hysterical concerns about the growing NeoCon fascism (name...
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