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  1. Spriggs05

    GTA 5 Plot details leaked

    Massive GTA 5 information leak from Ex-RockStar Employee - Charlotte playstation | Examiner.com Here are the leaks, I accept no responsibility for ruining the games plot to you.
  2. Spriggs05

    New Laws to induce a code of conduct for CCTV cameras in the UK

    BBC News - Surveillance camera code of practice comes into force So the Coalition give the impression that they are defending civil liberties and privacy, however the reality is: Its just a move by the coalition to be seen to protect freedoms when all they are doing is applying to a...
  3. Spriggs05

    Giant Chicken in Trafalgar square

    BBC News - Blue cockerel takes roost on Fourth Plinth A giant blue chicken...
  4. Spriggs05

    Woman brings horse into McDonalds

    BBC News - Horse in McDonald's: Rider fined after 'drive-thru' refusal Well this is a bit weird.
  5. Spriggs05

    Raped Norwegian woman free to go

    BBC News - Dubai rape case Norwegian woman 'free to go' Well now that she's free, justice has been served.
  6. Spriggs05

    Wow, just wow

    BBC News - PayPal 'credits' US man $92 quadrillion in error Wow, for a start the fact paypal can make that sort of mistake and second the amount of money it has is ridiculous.
  7. Spriggs05

    Ideology and Abortion Position

    What is your ideology and abortion position?
  8. Spriggs05

    US issues 'athlete' visas to League of Legends players

    BBC - Newsbeat - US issues 'athlete' visas to League of Legends players Really? Athlete Visas? Faith in humanity has dropped pretty low.
  9. Spriggs05

    Comedy Songs

  10. Spriggs05

    What Music Genre?

    What sort of music do our members predominantly listen to? :mrgreen: EDIT: Sorry for misspelling genre
  11. Spriggs05

    Pro Life or Pro Choice?

    Are you Pro Life or Pro Choice? or in the middle?
  12. Spriggs05

    US security agency collecting Verizon phone records

    BBC News - US security agency 'collecting Verizon phone records' Its Wrong, simple as that.
  13. Spriggs05

    Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica or Slayer

    Which of the big four of thrash? (Anthrax maybe not so much ;) ) (Didn't mean to put multi choice on Please select one!)
  14. Spriggs05

    Jose is back at Chelsea FC

    BBC Sport - Jose Mourinho says Chelsea return was 'easy decision' The special one has returned!
  15. Spriggs05

    Alternative to Austerity?

    Raise Taxes And Cut Government Spending To Reduce Debt? Not Really - Forbes Potential Alternative to Austerity?
  16. Spriggs05

    Hong Kong court supports transsexual right to wed

    BBC News - Hong Kong court supports transsexual right to wed Well done Hong Kong, at least they aren't bothered about who marries who at the top.
  17. Spriggs05

    Bring me the Horizon or Metallica

    Having a dispute with one of my friends. What do you guys think? :)
  18. Spriggs05

    'Proof' Jamestown settlers turned to cannibalism.

    BBC News - 'Proof' Jamestown settlers turned to cannibalism
  19. Spriggs05

    Super Battery

    BBC News - Super-powered battery breakthrough claimed by US team
  20. Spriggs05

    Thatchers Funeral

    BBC News - Baroness Thatcher funeral invitation list released All surviving former UK prime ministers All surviving former US presidents A representative of the family of former US President Ronald Reagan Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton All surviving members of Baroness Thatcher's...
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