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  1. Somerville

    Melting 'zombie ice' in Greenland could cause ocean levels to rise by 10 inches

    Surprised me to find this on the FauxNews website If these 'scientists' are just trying to scare people and suck more money out of various governments, how are rational people going to stop them?
  2. Somerville

    Trump Supporters Are Calling for Civil War After FBI Search of Mar-a-Lago

    Remember a fellow by the name of Timothy McVeigh? His words (and Trump's seem to be attracting folks who are beginning to believe the same conspiracies that caused McVeigh to blow up the federal building in Oklahoma City back in 2001. Shortly before he was arrested, McVeigh a letter to Fox...
  3. Somerville

    Diaz tells schools to ignore new federal Title IX guidelines on gender identity, sexual orientation

    Just another day in Florida as the state's Education Commissioner, Manny Diaz Jr, sends out emails to public and private school operators. Here's the part that I do wonder about: Why isn't there any mention of "biological" females who identify as male? Are the GOPers so blind that they...
  4. Somerville

    The Christian Right is winning cultural battles while public opinion disagrees

    There are some who comment on DP who apparently do believe in the myth of the United States as a nation founded on "Christian principles". Though they are a minority in America, at this time, they are among a group that has taken, by legitimate means, political power in multiple states. What...
  5. Somerville

    Rabbi’s suit over Florida abortion law tests bounds of religious objections after Roe

    For those in the "pro-life" clan arguing that the Bible supports your beliefs about the sanctity of life in the un-born, I suggest reading a bit more of the Old Testament. If the debate over abortion rights is not based on one interpretation of religious beliefs, why did Gov deSantis sign the...
  6. Somerville

    Fed up and fired up: Texas Republicans meet in a climate of mistrust, conspiracy and victimhood

    Yet another indicator of the growing divide in American society - beliefs that have ZERO actual support but that are held by some Americans to be more real than actual reality. It's not just Texans who have come to believe the crap that they receive from SOME politicians and talking heads on the...
  7. Somerville

    [W:#598] Police arrest 31 people with ties to hate group, found inside U-haul

    Some people continue accusing BLM of rioting and destruction of government buildings, seemingly in attempts to draw attention away from what we are learning about the attempted insurrection on 6 Jan 2021. It looks like some aren't too happy with what is coming out and have decided to add a bit...
  8. Somerville

    How close are we to a Second American Civil War?

    Doing a bit of reading when I have free time - mostly weekends - and I have started to see more articles wondering/warning about the possibility of a Civil War taking place in the United States of America. An obvious part of the problem is White Christian Nationalism as I noted in another...
  9. Somerville

    White Christian Nationalism ‘Is a Fundamental Threat to Democracy’

    Two of those 'librul' academic types, Samuel L. Perry of the University of Oklahoma and Philip S. Gorski of Yale University, have written a book, The Flag and the Cross, which looks at the growing movement among some white Americans that those "librul Democraps" are allowing illegal immigration...
  10. Somerville

    Religion Simplified

    Does this silly meme remind you of anyone?
  11. Somerville

    Uvalde shooting: Texas police change key details as criticism mounts

    Obviously, the Texas Dept of Public Safety needs more professional front people. You know, those who can prevaricate easily and when the facts are found to contradict earlier statements, the PR flack can 'easily' explain the differences. What type of training are these LEO's being given? Mom...
  12. Somerville

    Overturning Roe v. Wade is "payback for Me Too"

    Margaret Atwood spoke to a packed room at the Santa Fe Literary Festival Feb 2020 - 182 House Republicans voted against equal rights for women. It was a vote on extending the deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment by the states. The bill was passed by Congress in 1971 but has...
  13. Somerville

    What should the response be if Putin uses a nuclear weapon in Ukraine?

    What should the response be if Putin uses a nuclear weapon in Ukraine? A 'nuclear weapon' may not be a dropped bomb or a missile loaded with a nuke. The other possibility would be exploding one of the Russian-captured nuclear plants and then blaming it on poor maintenance by the Ukrainians...
  14. Somerville

    What did Jesus look like'

    When you pray to Him, what image of the being is in your mind? Is it this? This is a painting by Warner Sallman (1940) and is seen by many as the best portrait of Jesus. Millions of copies have been distributed around the world since the end of WWII. Do you think He really looked like this?
  15. Somerville

    Satanic Temple asks Boston to fly flag after court ruling

    Missed this news story by a day - so no Breaking News! This is one of those stories that fits in both Church and State and Free Speech. Here's the 'fun' part of the request, at least I think so
  16. Somerville

    What about the children?

    Many, perhaps the majority, of those who support overturning Roe v Wade seem to care little about the child once it is born. Conservatives, at least those who oppose the right to abortion, seem to care little about the child and its mother once the baby is out of the womb. They don't want...
  17. Somerville

    Boston violated First Amendment when it rejected Christian flag, court unanimously rules

    With all the controversy trending these days about the 'overly' conservative majority on the Supreme Court, it's interesting to read of a unanimous decision that tells the discerning that - Oh maybe, the nine justices can occasionally agree on the Constitution's interpretation. Though they...
  18. Somerville

    Is the New World Translation Accurate?

    Is the New World Translation Accurate? Some people believe the NWT to be an accurate translation of the original Hebrew and Greek language, others have a different opinion.
  19. Somerville

    Which is the most accurate English language Bible?

    A couple weeks past, we had a brief discussion about the King James Version and I began strolling thru the internets looking for opinions. What I found was that most academic types say that the NASB is the Bible we have today that is as close to the original language(s) as is understandable for...
  20. Somerville

    Florida’s vile ‘groomer’ law may soon blow up in DeSantis’s face

    Lawyers can always find a way to play with a law in ways that seemingly contradict the intentions of those who wrote the law and those who support it. Passing a law that restricts the free speech rights of a citizen must be vague enough in its wordings that the restrictions don't apply to any...
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