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  1. RaleBulgarian

    Redacted affidavit released

    Haven't finished reading, but want to share with the forum. https://s.wsj.net/public/resources/documents/redacted_affidavit.pdf?mod=ANLink
  2. RaleBulgarian

    Liz Cheney’s next move

    As expected, the soon to be former Congressional Rep from Wyoming will not go quietly, and will not cease her efforts to prevent Traitor Trump from going anywhere near the Oval Office. “Rep. LIZ CHENEY (R-Wyo.) is wasting no time beginning the next phase of her bid to prevent DONALD TRUMP’s...
  3. RaleBulgarian

    Bannon found guilty

    No surprise, the jury has affirmed Bannon’s guilt. I’ll bet Navarro’s feeling nervous right now. 😄
  4. RaleBulgarian

    Trump speaks at NRA convention, attacks the left, and alludes to his Big Lie

    The disgraced former president cares nothing about the children and teachers. Only himself. Always.
  5. RaleBulgarian

    Kellyanne blames George’s cheating by tweeting” for endangering marriage

    Talk about blind professional ambition in politics. Completely disconnected from reality and self unaware, Kellyanne Conway appears to consider her significant role in getting the most unAmerican, anti patriotic, divisive, and bigoted president in our country’s history elected, and trying to...
  6. RaleBulgarian

    Putin afraid of little old lady

    Piece of shit, Putin, is so afraid of free speech that he has peaceful little old lady protestor arrested. Elderly woman who survived Nazi Germany is detained in Russian anti-war protest “An elderly woman who took part in an anti-war protest in St Petersburg to protest Russia’s invasion of...
  7. RaleBulgarian

    DeSantis bullied kids to take off their masks

    DeSantis proves yet again why he should never be president, let alone keep his job as Florida’s governor. Trumpsters, don’t bother arguing that DeSantis didn’t order the high school students to take off their masks, so it wasn’t really bullying. Anyone can see for themselves that the students...
  8. RaleBulgarian

    How well Biden deals with Putin may help in November midterms

    History has repeatedly shown that leaders often enjoy greater approval among their citizens during times of conflict. Aside from the laudable primary objective of assisting Ukraine in ejecting Russian invaders, I believe a bump in popularity for Biden could help in November. That is, if he...
  9. RaleBulgarian

    Capitol Police recommend disciplinary action for six officers in Jan. 6 internal probe

    “In a statement released Saturday, Capitol Police said it opened 38 internal investigations related to the misconduct probe. Of those investigations, six cases sustained violations and were recommended for disciplinary action. “The six sustained cases should not diminish the heroic efforts of...
  10. RaleBulgarian

    Virginia is set to remove Richmond's Lee statue on Wednesday

    “A towering statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Virginia, is expected to be taken down on Wednesday as a symbol of racial injustice, more than 130 years after it was erected in tribute to the South’s Civil War leader. While many other Confederate symbols across the South have...
  11. RaleBulgarian

    Cheney replaced by Trumpster more liberal than Ilhan Omar 🤣

    Cowardly Republican leadership removed and replaced lifelong genuine Conservative, Cheney, with a willing accomplice to The Big Lie whose lifetime conservative record lags behind Ilhan Omar. According to conservative PAC Club for Growth, which rates every member of Congress, Omar has a 38%...
  12. RaleBulgarian

    Carlson again reminds why he should never be listened to

    Never served one single day in our military, Tucker Carlson, says pregnant service members are “a mockery of the U.S. Military”. “During his Tuesday evening Fox News show, Carlson mocked the military for its policies regarding pregnant female service members. "So we've got new hairstyles and...
  13. RaleBulgarian

    Mitch McConnell calls Marjorie Taylor Greene a 'cancer'

    Looks like the QAnon conspiracy queen, and hoplophile nut job Greene’s days on any committees are about to end. Next, the boot ffrom Congress. (y) “US Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell has denounced newly elected House of Representatives Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, calling the...
  14. RaleBulgarian

    Ossoff and Warnock win, Dems take control of Senate

    Very good news for America when we need it most! ATLANTA — Jon Ossoff defeated Republican David Perdue and Raphael Warnock won over GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler in Georgia, NBC News projects. “The twin wins for Democrats in Tuesday's election give the party control of the Senate, which will stand...
  15. RaleBulgarian

    Soon to be former president Trump signs stimulus bill

    Dec. 27, 2020 at 8:14 p.m. EST President Trump late Sunday signed the stimulus bill into law, three people briefed on his decision said, averting a Tuesday government shutdown. His decision to back down and sign the measure will release $900 billion in stimulus funds into the economy that had...
  16. RaleBulgarian

    Chairman of JCS draws a line in the sand with Trump

    Speaking Wednesday at the dedication of an Army museum, General Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff obliquely confronted any idea that Trump might have of attempting to use our military to stay in power beyond January 20, 2021. “We are unique among militaries,” said Gen. Mark Milley...
  17. RaleBulgarian

    It’s over for the fat man!!

  18. RaleBulgarian

    SCOTUS grants federal job protections to gay, lesbian, transgender workers

    A big victory for the LGBTQ community and America as a whole! :applaud “WASHINGTON – A divided Supreme Court further advanced the cause of LGBTQ rights Monday, ruling that a landmark civil rights law barring sex discrimination in the workplace applies to gay, lesbian and transgender workers...
  19. RaleBulgarian

    Sanders drops out

    Finally. Now it’s time for him to convince his supporters to move over to support Biden. Bernie Sanders drops out of the 2020 race, clearing Joe Biden's path to the Democratic nomination Bernie Sanders drops out of the 2020 race, clearing Joe Biden's path to the Democratic nomination -...
  20. RaleBulgarian

    Trump DOJ seeks light sentence for Stone

    This should come as no surprise to anyone. “The U.S. Department of Justice will seek a shorter prison sentence for Roger Stone, a convicted associate of President Donald Trump, than the 7 to 9 years recommended by federal prosecutors, media outlets reported on Tuesday, hours after Trump tweeted...
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