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  1. ban.the.electoral.college

    The Threat of Information, Electromagnetic and Psychtronic Warfare

    According to the Project of the New American Century PNAC), which broadly defines the Bush adminstration's military doctrine: "It is now commonly uderstood that information and other new technologies… are creating a dynamic that may threaten America's ability to exercise its dominant military...
  2. ban.the.electoral.college

    After Downing Street, Talking Points

    1. secretly decided to go to war; 2. decided to deceive and mislead the Congress and the American people with false claims about both weapons of mass destruction and ties between Saddam Hussein and 9-11; 3. secretly diverted $700 million from the War in Afghanistan and started bombing Iraq to...
  3. ban.the.electoral.college

    H.Res.375 - Will Reveal Bush Lies

    http://www.afterdowningstreet.org/downloads/house.pdf Resolution of Inquiry into Bush Lies: Time for Action Congress is back in session after summer break, and there are now 61 co-sponsors of Barbara Lee's Resolution of Inquiry into the Downing Street Memos - including one Republican member of...
  4. ban.the.electoral.college

    Is BUSH still telling us LIES??

    "We will defeat the terrorists," Bush said. "We will build a free Iraq that will fight terrorists instead of giving them aid and sanctuary." I just caught Bush telling another lie, one that he should know is a lie. Iraq never gave aid or sanctuary to terrorists. In fact, Saddam, was a control...
  5. ban.the.electoral.college

    D.C. Anti-War Rally, 100,000 Projected

    By ELIZABETH WHITE The Associated Press Thursday, September 1, 2005; 5:23 PM WASHINGTON -- Organizers are planning what they say will be the largest anti-war demonstration in the nation's capital since the Iraq war began in March 2003. Cindy Sheehan, whose 24-year-old son, Army Spc. Casey...
  6. ban.the.electoral.college

    SUPPORT THE TROOPS!! (bring them home)

    The war in Iraq is loosing public support, as americans realize they've been maliciously duped into thinking 9/11 was linked to Iraq. Many say Bush had this war planned months before 9/11 ever occured. I think enough is enough, and we should bring the troops home. This is the only way to truly...
  7. ban.the.electoral.college

    PATRIOT ACT should be repealed!!

    The Patriot Act was passed almost silently, as Americans were ill informed, most likely watching Fear Factor, or ___________ (whatever show TV watchers like). The Patriot Act, is an infringement on the rights of citizens and has no business being enforced, as it makes no effort to distinguish...
  8. ban.the.electoral.college

    Why do conservatives hate LIBERALS ???

    I posted this to explore the resentment conservatives feel toward "Liberals", so they can vent their frustrations and also so liberals can dispell the myths that echo among conservative communities.
  9. ban.the.electoral.college

    The Great Myth... "Liberal Media Bias"

    It really irks me when people pull the "liberal-media bias" card. I find it counter productive to argument, and too often it's used as a cop out. Well, I think it's a total myth. In fact mainstream media (news and tv) is so watered down today, that it's hard to say exactly what they think... if...
  10. ban.the.electoral.college

    What matters most to Americans???

    I was just wondering what you thought was the most important aspect of your life as an American... Just curious.
  11. ban.the.electoral.college

    What matters most to Americans?

    I was wondering what you thought is the most important aspect to your life as an American... Just curious. CRAP. mod. please delete this.
  12. ban.the.electoral.college

    Bush is a war criminal...

    There is an international movement to have George W. Bush impeached and placed on trial for: 1. Manipulating the American public into thinking Iraq was connected to 9/11 2. "Outsourcing" torture 3. Blatantly breaking international law, and ignoring the international community in the name of...
  13. ban.the.electoral.college

    Organize A Protest

    We blow enough hot air here to melt the ice caps 100x's over. But, what does all this talk mean if that's all we do? Does anyone have a novel idea for an official "debate politics" public protest? Or is everyone simply content just banging thier poor defenseless keyboards to death?
  14. ban.the.electoral.college

    Howdy! That just means hello in Texan : )

    No, I'm not from TX, but I've spent a good bit of time there. Most recently, Austin, TX. WHAT!? You've never been there? Well, git yurself the next $99 ticket on Southwest Airlines, head right on over ther and check out the U.T. campus. Lot's of fun stuff to do in Austin. Good people. Bad...
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