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  1. The Man

    American voters only: how would you vote in November in the PA Senate race ?

    Fetterman is a total no brainer alright.
  2. The Man

    Aaron Rodgers slams ‘fake White House’ after Biden’s vaccine joke

    Vaccine dodger? You mean someone who opted not to take the covid vaccine. There's nothing wrong with that. The whiners are the people who are actually mad at him for his choice. Get a life.
  3. The Man

    Angry at the unvaccinated? Here's a better way

    So, not only do you stray completely off topic and talk about drunk driving, you also lie like 46. Noted. Have a splendid weekend! Oh, and please get out of working in the health care field, because you are certainly not fit for it. I speak for everyone on that. Thank you!
  4. The Man

    Angry at the unvaccinated? Here's a better way

    Uh oh, looks like Karen wants to talk to the manager. When other people being unvaccinated affect you, get back to me. Cool? Cool.
  5. The Man

    Angry at the unvaccinated? Here's a better way

    People who get mad at other people for not doing what they want them to do are the most selfish losers that this world has to offer. That is a fact.
  6. The Man

    How likely is it that Roe v. Wade will be overturned by next year?

    I mean, baby murdering isn't my thing, but to each their own.
  7. The Man

    Which Sports Organization is the Best?

    I answered the question on the thread title.
  8. The Man

    When will the US get a female Defense Minister ?

    Putting people in positions solely because of their sex, and not their qualifications, is what gets us garbage like Kamala Harris.
  9. The Man

    To the Right-Wing: Shame Poll

    Where's the laughy face option?
  10. The Man

    Will CIVIL SUITS follow Kyle Rittenhouse after his NOT GUILTY verdict today?

    OJ's trial wasn't a self defense case. Not even close to the same thing.
  11. The Man

    Will CIVIL SUITS follow Kyle Rittenhouse after his NOT GUILTY verdict today?

    No, they have no civil case against Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse should sue the city and mainstream media outlets for slandering his name.
  12. The Man

    Are you going to wear a mask?

    I am wearing this mask when I go out.
  13. The Man


    Maybe if they make it an attractive alternative to college football for top prospects coming out of high school, as a way to get a nice salary, and then move up to the NFL.
  14. The Man

    Major League Baseball 2020

    Boston and the surrounding area has a problem with cheating. All of their World Series and Super Bowls have asterisks next to them.
  15. The Man

    NFL Playoffs

    That’s just Bucky’s nickname for him. He’s just butthurt because once Tommy Boy is gone, they no longer have a competent QB, and the Patriots are going to look like the Cleveland Browns.
  16. The Man

    Nfl 2019

    I’m just here to see what Bucky posts.
  17. The Man

    Nfl 2019

    That’s because they’ve kept on cheating.
  18. The Man

    Don Imus

    I can’t wait to hear Howard Stern’s reaction, whenever Howard does a new show.
  19. The Man

    Nfl 2019

    I have the feeling that the cameras didn’t just come out for the Bengals, that they’ve been doing this all season and just now got caught.
  20. The Man

    Yankees hire female hitting coach

    That’s a click bait headline. The Yankees did not hire a female hitting coach, a Yankees minor league affiliate hired a female hitting coach. Reason #1000345 why the media cannot, and should not be trusted.
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