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  1. Commoncents

    Should you have to work at marriage?

    How long have you been married if you dont mind me asking?
  2. Commoncents

    Should you have to work at marriage?

    Marriage is a constant lesson in life. Times change.People change.Values change. The willingness to adapt to change will indeed require work no matter how great your S.O. is or how great you think you are for each other IMHO. No one can predict the future all you can do is deal with it as it...
  3. Commoncents

    Why aren't women happy???

    Shhhhh...dont tell them.
  4. Commoncents

    Why aren't women happy???

    In fact Ive been called alot worse,jackass I can live with. Strangely enough the bitching usually doesnt revolve around me. I think the term 'bitching' kinda embodies complaining about the trivial minutia in life. She saves the real bombardments for serious matters.
  5. Commoncents

    Why aren't women happy???

    I dont want to kill her...Im quoting a song hun. The premise of this thread is that women bitch regardless of lifes blessings. My wife bitches yet she is caring and compassionate..shes an RN. Im sure you bitch,doesnt make you a bad person. Attacking an uninvolved third party in a debate makes...
  6. Commoncents

    Why aren't women happy???

    Meow! Unwittingly perpetuating the stereotype of women as bitter and bitchy. Specifically insulting a fine caring woman you know nothing about as well. Congrats! I dont blame U Axl.
  7. Commoncents

    Why aren't women happy???

    Bitches bitching. Thats what they do. Nothing to see here.
  8. Commoncents

    Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren finalize divorce

    lol....day after divorce is finalized.....Woods shoots best round of the year Please try and remember despite his decline he is still ranked #1 in the world. Im not sure that speak more about Tigers greatness or his so called competitions mediocrity. My over under on the settlement: 150 million.
  9. Commoncents

    FIRAS YOUSEF THANON R.I.P. Mosul city , north of Iraq

    Sounds like propaganda to me,espeically in light if the fact you failed to mention the other 60 Iraqi deaths attributed to Muslims insurgents yesterday.
  10. Commoncents

    What costs more: Iraq or Obama's Stimulus?

    Infrastructure we damaged in prosecuting the wars? Yes. The infrastructure in this country could be paid for ten times over if not for truly wasteful spending by the federal and state govts. There are funds that are specifically meant to go to this countries infrastructure but somehow always...
  11. Commoncents

    Afghanistan inigma

    If this is all youve heard I think I should be asking you where you get yours.
  12. Commoncents

    Hezbollah Chief Urges Lebanese Government To Build Nuclear Reactor

    Who exactly is Iran worried about that they want nukes? The US? The US offered to help them with their peaceful program provided they adhere to their commitments and produce the transparency they promised in 2003 when they were allowed back into tho loving arms of the UN/IAEA. Of course it did...
  13. Commoncents

    Hezbollah Chief Urges Lebanese Government To Build Nuclear Reactor

    Actually you took a factual commentary and broke it. Of course it is....nuclear weapons arent tho. The world has offered to help Iran w/ the peaceful program,all they have to abide the safeguards they agreed to,ensuring "peaceful" intent is their only intent. IAEA says theyre not doing this so...
  14. Commoncents

    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    A thread entitled "What are you reading right now". Just kidding.....
  15. Commoncents

    Afghanistan inigma

    What kind of patriots slaughter THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of their own people to set them free?
  16. Commoncents

    6 Most Unhealthy Foods You Should Avoid at All Costs

    Canned/instant soup is the real shocker there. I stopped eating them a while ago. Sodium levels are unbelievable. Some of the newer healthly versions of canned soups that specify low sodium are OK but lacking in the taste dept.
  17. Commoncents

    Reasons to Suspend Sanction against Iran

    How about Iran decides to let IAEA inspectors do the job theyre asking to do or stop interfering in Iraq and Afghanistan or withhold funding for Hamas and Hizbollah then we'll think about suspending the sanctions. I mean Iran is not willing to give their own citizens a dose of brotherly...
  18. Commoncents

    Hezbollah Chief Urges Lebanese Government To Build Nuclear Reactor

    Of course Israel is under no obligation to cooperate with anybody like Iran is per thier NPT agreements and subsidary arrangements but I suppose no argument is complete w/o a lesson in moral and political relevancy.
  19. Commoncents

    how would you approach someone

    The key is a combination of confidence and compliments. Make notice of something that you think is sincerely attractive about the person. Hair,smile,shoes,even nails....try and stay away from breasts as an icebreaker. For god sakes dont look desperate. Make your comment and dont linger. Play it...
  20. Commoncents

    Was the landing of the Apollo 11 false?

    lol...seriously? Her dogtags hit her chin and travel down as she lunges forward to bite the floating liquid orbs.Then proceed to rise right back to their original spot. Just like Apollo XI dogtags hitting him in face as hes running,bounce down than back up.
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