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  1. the_recruit

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    So it follows the rebel spy who uncovers the Death Star's weakness in the original film. I had heard disney intended to do some side-stories with the franchise but had no idea this was already in the works.
  2. the_recruit

    Fallout 4?

    Fallout 4 announcement...announcement? https://twitter.com/bethesdastudios/status/605744940006670337 Makes sense...E3 right around the corner...
  3. the_recruit

    Scientists confirm quantum weirdness

    http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/05/150527103110.htm A variation on the double-slit experiment in which the decision to measure the slits is made after the particle has passed through the slit. The decision appears to influence whether the particle passed through the slits as a...
  4. the_recruit

    The Dark Side of the Force

    Dark Matter May Feel a “Dark Force” That the Rest of the Universe Does Not My father has it... I have it.... My sister has it.... Dark matter has it....
  5. the_recruit

    Genetically XY, gives birth[W:52]

    Woman who was genetically a man gives birth to TWINS after doctors GREW her a womb - Mirror Online Not a transsexual, btw. She has AIS. Her body produces male hormones, but her cells simply don't respond to it. So her body developed, more or less, as female.
  6. the_recruit

    Game of Thrones HBO series will reach the end before the novels

    Now it's certain: The 'Game of Thrones' show will reach the ending before the books
  7. the_recruit

    Scale of Supermassive Black Holes

    They aren't kidding when they say 'supermassive'...
  8. the_recruit

    New ideas on the origins of life and thermodynamics[W:80]

    A New Physics Theory of Life - Scientific American Very far from being fact, but still very interesting and worth studying. If he's right it would have profound implications on the prevalence of life elsewhere in the universe. Instead of being a one-in-a-billion lucky roll of the die, life...
  9. the_recruit

    Image shows planets forming around young star[W:15]

  10. the_recruit

    Gone too far?

    The media is going to have a field day with this.
  11. the_recruit

    Radical New Theory Could Kill the Multiverse Hypothesis

    Radical New Theory Could Kill the Multiverse Hypothesis | Science | WIRED Very bizarre. Much of this is admittedly above my paygrade. But what I do understand is that they're proposing that length and mass are a sort of emergent property. Much like temperature or viscosity. Temperature and...
  12. the_recruit

    Nasa validates 'impossible' space drive???

    Nasa validates 'impossible' space drive (Wired UK) From what I've read the experiment disproved one of the theories for how it's generating thrust (asymmetry of Lorentz force). The remaining theory seems to be it's somehow pushing off of the virtual particles that are bubbling in and out of...
  13. the_recruit

    Drone films fireworks from 1000 feet up!

    Simply incredible! Make sure to watch in HD.
  14. the_recruit

    Pink Floyd to release new album The Endless River

    Pink Floyd to release new album The Endless River in October | Consequence of Sound
  15. the_recruit

    Tesla opens all patents to the public

    All Our Patent Are Belong To You | Blog | Tesla Motors Interesting. Good or bad, I have to admire Musk's tolerance for taking big risks and shoving all the chips in.
  16. the_recruit

    Detection of "primordial waves" disputed

    Doubt Grows about Gravitational Waves Detection - Scientific American Big Bang blunder bursts the multiverse bubble : Nature News & Comment The purported detection of primordial gravity waves seen as evidence of cosmic inflation during the early moments after the Big Bang are being challenged...
  17. the_recruit

    North Korea attacks South Korea’s Park as a ‘prostitute’ being ‘pimped’ by Obama

    North Korea labels South Korea's President "prostitute" "Crafty prostitute" gives her body to her "powerful pimp" Obama. Mmm, kinky. :lol:
  18. the_recruit

    Newsweek reveals identity of the founder of Bitcoin?

    Allegedly. Newsweek claims to have discovered the real world identity of the founder of bitcoin - known by his online handle Satoshi Nakamoto. His identity has become a bit of a popular mystery amidst the recent rise of bitcoin. Especially in light of the fact that he's believed to own...
  19. the_recruit

    Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

    About damn time...
  20. the_recruit

    CERN mulls larger particle collider

    BBC News - Cern considers building huge physics machine I strongly support this. Don't hold your breath, though; even if they decide to move forward it likely won't be "fully armed and operational" for decades.
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