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  1. Einzige

    Trump University staff included drug trafficker, child molester

    And I'm not talking about The Donald, either. ABC News | Under Maintenance HE ONLY HIRES THE BEST
  2. Einzige

    Jill Stein (the Green Party nominee) invested in Chevron, Wells Fargo, Big Pharma

    Jill Stein Accused of Investing in Dirty Coal, Big Pharma | News | teleSUR English LMFAO
  3. Einzige

    Prediction: In thirty to forty years, the GOP will be to the 'left' of the Democrats

    ... on fiscal issues. And this will be a direct consequence of this election. To be sure, it isn't going to happen overnight. They'll probably put up a Movement Conservative in 2020, and may even win with one through a combination of voter fatigue and a cyclical recession. But the long term...
  4. Einzige

    Did Trump host underage sex parties for his rich Wall Street friends?

    Two sources are accusing him of just that. Inside Donald Trump?s One-Stop Parties: Attendees Recall Cocaine and Very Young Models - The Daily Beast
  5. Einzige

    Trump campaign officials caught in Chinese donation sting

    Exclusive investigation: Donald Trump faces foreign donor fundraising scandal
  6. Einzige

    In 2005, Trump called outsourcing a "job creator"

    https://www.artofthesteal.biz/issue-3 But guys, he's gonna stick it to Wall Street!
  7. Einzige

    Trump opposed deporting illegals in 2012

    Trump in 2012: 'I don't believe" in deporting many undocumented immigrants - CNNPolitics.com Again I say that downscale blue-collars who have to compete with Mexicans are downscale for a reason - they're gullible as Hell.
  8. Einzige

    Obama one point below Eisenhower in last pre-election Gallup poll

    Last Gallup approval before election, outgoing two-termers: Dwight Eisenhower 58% Ronald Reagan 51% Bill Clinton 57% George W Bush 25% Barack Obama 57% Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval | Gallup Granted, it's a weak correlation to the eventual election - Nixon and Gore both lost their...
  9. Einzige

    Poll: An outright majority of Republicans identify as Trumpists

    From the Moonie Times: Majority of Republicans side with Trump over Ryan for GOP's vision: poll - Washington Times This is simply confirming the obvious: most Republican voters have no especially strong commitment to minarchism, but prefer a political mixture of welfare capitalism and...
  10. Einzige

    The Trumpkins want a civil war.

    The fascists are talking about a March on Rome when Il Douche loses. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/trump-supporters-are-talking-about-civil-war-could-a-loss-provide-the-spark/2016/10/18/f5ce081a-9573-11e6-bb29-bf2701dbe0a3_story.html?utm_term=.45cb305eac17
  11. Einzige

    Gropegate '93

    Still not yet mentioned by any news organization. Back in 1993, this assault claim was published in Howard Stern's biography Private Parts, page 190, where Sandi Korn gave this account which ended up a footnote in a radio host's book. No wonder they don't come forward. This is what happens to...
  12. Einzige

    Hannity calls for Ryan to be purged from The Party

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-driven-divide-will-consume-gop-long-after-election/2016/10/20/1698188c-9610-11e6-bc79-af1cd3d2984b_story.html?postshare=6021476937316956&tid=ss_tw Fascinating that Randroid Ryan isn't ideologically pure enough for Mikhail Suslov here.
  13. Einzige

    When did conservatives become "anti-elitists", anyway?

    Flashback to 1933: the primary opposition to That Man In The White House came from well-heeled upper and upper-middle-class WASP Republicans in New England ("as Maine goes, so goes Vermont"). Franklin Delano Roosevelt was perceived as a class-traitor to the old money circles he was born and...
  14. Einzige

    Trump supported open borders, globalization and free trade in 2013

    ... But Clinton is the one who can't be trusted on policy. Trump: Europe is terrific place for investment - CNN.com
  15. Einzige

    Trump "fine" with trying U.S. citizens in military tribunals

    Donald Trump: 'Fine' with trying US citizens in military courts - CNNPolitics.com Yet those of us who oppose the continued overreach of government are supposed to support this tin-pot tyrant?
  16. Einzige

    Trump Exposes Trump

    Like Douglas MacArthur, I have returned. One of the most bizarre phenomena surrounding this bizarre election season is the portrayal of Donald Trump as a straight-talkin' truth-tellin' outsider, in contrast to Clinton's supposed penchant for deceit. But while I'm by no means fond of Clinton...
  17. Einzige

    The conservative base within the Republican Party is in decline.

    Link As the article makes clear, this is not a trend - at least initially - that will make itself felt in the actual internal political processes of the Republican Party, simply because those processes (like caucuses) are so overwhelmingly dominated by older conservative activists. Also, this...
  18. Einzige

    One of Duggar's sisters was five when he diddled her.

    ButBillClintonisaliteralrapistrightguise?: But that's okay! He's Forgiven©. And after all...
  19. Einzige

    I have intellectually converted to Fascism. Ask me anything.[W:38]

    That's big-'F' Fascism, or the doctrine laid out by Giovanni Gentile as a ghostwriter for Benito Mussolini. To wit: 1. I reject German National Socialism and its attendant racialism, along with the pathetic contemporary neo-Nazi movement, for any number of reasons. To begin with, Nazism was...
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