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    Why did Trump wait till now for wall funding?

    Correct me if I’m wrong but the wall was Trumps main political promise during the entire campaign but yet it took two years and the giving up of control of congress before the big push came for wall funding which has now resulted in a government shutdown. Why? Was it on purpose to wait? Was it...
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    Happy solstice!

    The day is short so get in all the fun while you can :)
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    Are Americans still worthy of having the 2nd Amendment?

    When the Bill of Rights was being written and the 2nd Amendment was being described out in that document by the founding fathers do you think they ever expected tens of thousands of gun-related deaths per year, mass shootings, and constant political fights over the topic? If they could go back...
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    New Hampshire governor

    Chris Sununu (R) Molly Kelly (D) Jilletta Jarvis (L) I almost voted for Molly Kelly but ended up going with Sununu.
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    Please vote

    Action is better than apathy. Please take a few minutes out of your day today and go vote! Use your voice and show that you care. If you plan on voting then call around to friends and family and encourage them to vote or bring them with you. Whatever your reasons for voting are and whomever you...
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    NH Governor Race

    This is the main race on the ballot this election for us: Gov. Chris Sununu (R) versus Molly Kelly (D). I think Sununu will win reelection and I plan on voting for him.
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