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    Which of you are the REAL antivaxxers?

    I am not anti-vaccination but I am against mandatory vaccinations. I personally will not get the vaccine for Covid since I am extremely low risk anyway, but I wouldn't fault anybody else for choosing to get it if that's what they want to do.
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    June Prediction --- Presidential Election

    Unless by Labor Day covid-19 is mostly under control with a potential vaccine coming I think the majority of voters will be done with the Trump presidency in what could be a landslide for Biden in that case. If covid-19 is fairly under control and most of the country is seeing declines and...
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    Trump to close Twitter?

    The problem with this thought by Trump to me in my opinion is that Twitter is a private company and Trump participates on it voluntarily for free. Him wanting to regulate it or even close it down because of perceived censorship against him and “the right” is the opposite of limited government. I...
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    The insanity of the feminist left, kissing is “sexual assault”

    They were hanging out for most of that day from what I read and apparently were clicking. It's a case by case thing but I don't personally really see this particular act by him as sexual assault.
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    Another White Cop Kills an Unarmed Cuffed Defenseless Black Man In America, Stop The Killing!

    The cop pretty obviously was in the wrong and I don't know if race played a part or if it was just an adrenaline field power trip by the officer that led to the death, we will find out as this goes on, but I think it's also fair to remember that there are hundreds of thousands of cops in this...
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    May Presidential Voting -- Who will you vote for?

    I was really interested in Justin Amash but then he cancelled his run. I’m not sure how I’ll vote yet but I’ll have to do some research on the new Libertarian Party candidate to see how she compares. Trump makes me cringe but I also don’t think I can vote for Biden.
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    Should there be a maximum age for people eligible to run for president?

    I don’t think you need an age maximum although I get why people might want one. These candidates are elected and then re-elected for years and so really it should be more about term limits to me than age.
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    If you'd consider voting for Justin Amash for President...

    I put neither if Amash doesn't run but who knows. Another four years of Trump seems exhausting to me but Biden is just gone mentally and so I have serious doubts he'd finish a full first term if elected. It did get me excited to see a potential candidate in Amash that I can vote for who doesn't...
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    what is biggest threat to the world?

    Climate change
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    Super Tuesday: Who Wins

    I think Bernie but I wouldn't be surprised if Biden barely wins or makes it a virtual tie.
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    "Billinaires shouldn't exist." Do you agree with Bernie?

    I voted yes but i'm still torn on the topic. To me if feels like if you reach a billion dollars in personal wealth then you can probably do a tad more for the community that you grew up in, that you live near or in, or for communities that just simply need infrastructure help. You could probably...
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    If Bernie Drops Out, is it Over?

    If Sanders drops out then I think it's definitely going to be either Warren or Biden. I think eventually Biden's baggage and gaffes will catch up with him though and it will be Warren. I don't think Warren can beat Trump however. If Hillary couldn't then I doubt Warren can.
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    Deadly polar vortex blasts Midwest with coldest air in decades - live updates

    -4 outside right now. It’s supposed to be a balmy 10 degrees today as a high but we will see if that happens.
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    Which Generation Are YOU?

    millennial, 1993
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    Why did Trump wait till now for wall funding?

    So then if he couldn’t get funding and support for the wall when Republicans had full control why would he assume it would pass and get what he wants with a Democratic controlled house? Was he serious back in 2017 and 2018 or is he serious now about the funding? Seems purely political to me.
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    Why did Trump wait till now for wall funding?

    Correct me if I’m wrong but the wall was Trumps main political promise during the entire campaign but yet it took two years and the giving up of control of congress before the big push came for wall funding which has now resulted in a government shutdown. Why? Was it on purpose to wait? Was it...
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    Who owns the shutdown

    I'm pretty positive that Trump himself was quoted saying that he would own the shutdown. It's his defining moment to live up to his primary campaign promise and so he really has no choice but to live or die by that wall.
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    I feel sorry for the younger generation

    There are definitely times when I get embarrassed by my generation over some of the stuff they focus on and turn into a big deal but because those are the ones that get the media attention it gives the false impression that they are the norm. Of course I’m 25 and not a teenager or college...
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    I feel sorry for the younger generation

    I’ve seen and know a lot people my age and younger that are super hard workers, engaged in their future, they don’t walk around with a sense of entitlement, and just all around are cool people, and I’ve also seen a lot of people my age and younger that are walking cliches and stereotypes of what...
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    Happy solstice!

    The day is short so get in all the fun while you can :)
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