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    CBC is a complete blood check -- which checks your red blood cells, white blood cells, neutrophils, etc.. basically all the components of your blood ensuring they are in proper values to rule out active infection, leukemia, or other major problems. This is ALWAYS run with blood workd. CMP is a...
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    Right-Wingers Only: Would you vote for Sarah Palin in the primary?

    I like S. Palin,.................... I do Not forsee Her running for Potus in 2016 : However " If" I voted for her it would All depend on who her oponents were in the primary and IF I thought Palin , would be the best candidate against the opposition, in the primary and the presidential...
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    For all the South-haters...

    I agree with Both Of you, There seems to be an Invincible line, North and South, of racism and bigotry , with which only time and knowledge will heal.
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    Have you had an amazing internet experience?

    Fortunately, a good experience, We found a newphew on FB, by accident, who had dropped contact with any family for over 10 years , after his father passed, other than several random phone calls, He is happily married w/ kids and we are looking forward to seeing him and family this school break...
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    Is Romney positioning to work for the Obama admin on Homeland security?

    Romney, gave credit where Credit was due'.. IMO , I don't forsee Him In homeland security with Obama As Potus'
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    Anything up with the Server

    Seems to Be ok......... now'.. will find out if it lets me post'
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    What would you do if this were your kid?

    This should have been addressed 14 years ago, the parent at that age especially is in charge and should take responsibility for what a child eats or doesn't eat, most kids don't like things, however the food has to be presented to find out what they like or don't like.
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    As stated, My suggestion also is rest and Ice, and OTC meds for inflamation, However My chiropracror, tells me 20 mins max with Ice is sufficient........ it freezes the nerve, after that' , so I am saying ice on again off again . Good luck, sports injuries are no fun' :)
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    French President's Camel Eaten in Mali

    Sorry for laughing at the digestion of an Animal, but your post is Humorous' thanks :)
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    Senators announce bipartisan agreement on gun bill

    There is No Sorta"'' you are talking about oranges and apples'
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    Science: Women Prefer Larger Penises.....

    Really ???? LMAO + what makes you think I am a guy, + how many guys small or large have you known, who say that?:)
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    Science: Women Prefer Larger Penises.....

    Its Not what you got, its what you do with it"................ Quality over Quanity...... any time'''
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    Senators announce bipartisan agreement on gun bill

    Sorry, didn't see the post, I would wonder why a background check was required, IF the assembley was legal.
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    Senators announce bipartisan agreement on gun bill

    Why would anyone have a problem with legally having a background check run to putchase a gun, Most gun holders.. I know would accept that, after all Most Good reputable companies run background checks for Employment' nowadays'.
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    thanks MaggieD :)

    thanks MaggieD :)
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    thanks TTwTT :)

    thanks TTwTT :)
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    Shop that sold Newtown massacre guns had its license revoked

    Store that sold gun used in Sandy Hook shooting loses license - CNN.com
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    In a Budget Gesture, Obama Will Return 5% of His Salary

    Your Answer Nailed it"" IMO
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    Obama Plays Golf, Attends College Basketball Playoff Game.....

    Complaining about...... Per your post 4 hrs of golf, every two wks . IMO, Isn't the Bitch, its Where He goes to play and the amount of Money, spent on Where he and Secret Service.. people stay and How much it costs, to get there and be Accomodated while there, in the meantime speaking on TV...
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    Budget Cuts Border Security, Immigrant Detention......

    Exclusive: Illegal Border Crossings Double, Border Becomes Less Secure as Beltway Gets Close to Deal on Immigration Reform - Katie Pavlich Per this article" Seems there is an increase'
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