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  1. EdwinWillers

    Florida golfer unfazed as alligator approaches

    https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2022/07/01/alligator-golf-shot-Punta-Gorda-Florida/9091656706225/ You occasionally run across wildlife when playing golf - but an alligator? Happened to us many years ago playing golf on a course in SC. We hit our tee shots and started down the fairway - and...
  2. EdwinWillers

    At What Level Do You Think Gas Prices Will Peak?

    Fun poll (hopefully); assuming gas prices won't just continue to creep up forever, at what level do you think they'll peak in this current global and political climate? Given regional pricing differences and differences in types of gasoline - let's frame the poll towards the "National Average...
  3. EdwinWillers

    Happy Mother's Day Mom

    Happy Mother's Day mom. Miss you terribly but know you're in a better place. You and dad did an amazing job with us and for that we are profoundly grateful.
  4. EdwinWillers

    Mayor to School Board: Resign or Face Charges of Child Pornography

    Newsweek Story: "An Ohio mayor told members of the local board of education on Monday that they must choose between resigning or facing charges of child pornography distribution after parents complained about writing prompts that were distributed to high school students." YouTube Video...
  5. EdwinWillers

    Guys - what type of razor do you use?

    Just for fun. I've decided to make the from cartridge to double edge and in shopping around, checking out all my options realized there's a whole cadre of guys who've either been using double edge for some time or who have made the switch from cartridges, fed up with the high cost of...
  6. EdwinWillers

    How to Rate Your Pickup Truck - using the "P-Scale"

    Pickup trucks are an incredibly popular vehicle that come in a variety of models and sizes with an even greater selection of added "bling" to gussy them up a bit (or a lot) from their normal stock vehicle status. Here are the guidelines and scoring system: WE have to recognize the differences...
  7. EdwinWillers

    Citing new customers "sicker than expected" - insurers seeking massive rate increases

    New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/04/us/health-insurance-companies-seek-big-rate-increases-for-2016.html?_r=0 WASHINGTON — Health insurance companies around the country are seeking rate increases of 20 percent to 40 percent or more, saying their new customers under the Affordable...
  8. EdwinWillers

    Have you read the Declaration of Independence?

    I feel it needs to be pointed out that July 4th is NOT a celebration of independence. Rather, it is a celebration of an ASSERTION OF INDEPENDENCE, of the right to independence. I would urge everyone to read it this July 4th. Takes maybe all of 5 minutes: Declaration of Independence - Text...
  9. EdwinWillers

    Home Depot is better than Lowe's

    Well I'm sorry, it just is. Discuss :)
  10. EdwinWillers

    Songs you enjoy singing the most in church

    I love worshipping in song. Some songs just stand out above all others - especially when the congregation has been taught to sing in 4-part harmony. This is one of my all-time favorites, it is a 4-part round, beginning with the altos, then the bass, then tenors, and finally sopranos. It's...
  11. EdwinWillers

    Add a Link at the bottom of threads

    Dunno if this has been suggested before, but I've been on a couple other vBulletin sites where, at the bottom of each discussion thread is a link back to the forum in which the thread resides. As it is now, if you're at the bottom of a thread and want to return to the forum to view other...
  12. EdwinWillers

    Once Labeled the World's Ugliest Woman - She Inspires and Motivates

    This brought me to tears when I first saw it; but it left me encouraged and challenged - such courage, such maturity, such wisdom, and such a respect for the value of a life, regardless how that life gets handed to us... ....
  13. EdwinWillers

    What is your level of optimism concerning the future of the United States of America?

    Many factors affect one's outlook about various things - history, current events, politics, religion, media, family & friends, personal character traits, life experiences, environment, upbringing, education, etc. etc. etc. Just curious. Nothing ulterior, just curiosity. What is your outlook...
  14. EdwinWillers

    What's on your Bucket List?

    I know there've been several other threads on this topic, but they've kinda petered out so I thought I'd venture a new one. We were having lunch the other day and I saw a Red Wings hockey game getting ready to start in an open stadium where it was snowing and it got me to thinking about...
  15. EdwinWillers

    DP Timing Out too soon?

    Dunno if this is a suggestion, per se, but it is a bother. I get logged out after maybe 5 or 10 minutes (haven't timed it) of inactivity - which inactivity is usually the time I'm taking to write or respond to another post. I've learned to copy what I've written after a few minutes (having had...
  16. EdwinWillers

    Big "A" Atheism versus little "a" atheism

    I know a number of atheists, some acquaintances, some being good friends - they are not believers and I respect their lack of belief, and they all respect my belief. We get along. We can do things together; we can talk, I can be who I am and they can be who they are. NP Strictly to make a...
  17. EdwinWillers

    Do Americans (in general) Suffer from Normalcy Bias?

    Normalcy Bias (from Wikipedia): We could apply the definition to a lot of things, but given the fiscal issues we're facing seem to be at the forefront of people's minds, it seems appropriate to ask the question in that context.The premise here of course is that we ARE facing a pending fiscal...
  18. EdwinWillers

    Rights of Nature - a good thing or a disaster in the making?

    Read it for yourself: Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth :: Rights of Nature The Boulder county planning commission is actually considering the adoption of "nature's rights" language in their comprehensive plan. Boulder, which was hit hard by the recent floods, will hear arguments...
  19. EdwinWillers

    Obama: I didn't draw the red line on Syria, world did [W:162]

    Talk about slithering snakes... Unbelievable.
  20. EdwinWillers

    Polar Bear Population Reaches "Carrying Capacity"

    Of course, she's just a zoologist; she probably knows squat about CO2 and anomalies and probably couldn't tell you either whether we're cooling, warming, or merely changing. Just curious to know who the anti-deniers of the global warming hoax are here. ;)
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