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    Florida honoring Rush Limbaugh by lowering flags to half-staff: DeSantis

    no, it was not a good call...
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    [R.I.P.] [W:131] Rush Limbaugh has passed

    that is certainly one way of looking at it... i listened to him early on when he started..over the years he continued to morph, in my not so humble opinion, into quite the racist, and into being quite anti woman.....he is part of the reason this country is where it is in its political discourse...
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    Could Trump Win Another Election?

    republicans are already working to subvert the will of the people next cycle...trying to do away with mail ballots, trying to limit drop off sited for mail in ballots, trying to restrict voting to in person election day only...trying to disenfranchise many who voted this cycle because they didnt...
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    McConnell unloads on Trump: 'Morally responsible' for provoking mob

    where does it say that just because he is in the last weeks of his term, and is impeached, that he can't go to trial?
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    McConnell unloads on Trump: 'Morally responsible' for provoking mob

    not sure what part you did not understand, let me clarify....when he was impeached, he was still president....constitution requires he goes to trial by the senate....he does not get a 'GET OUT JAIL/CONSEQUENCES" free card because he is in the last weeks of his term. the trial was legit
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    McConnell unloads on Trump: 'Morally responsible' for provoking mob

    wouldnt matter....the process started when he was still in office, he was impeached, constitution requires that there be a trial....senate took a vote on the constitutionality of it, and and voted in favor of going to trial....
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    McConnell unloads on Trump: 'Morally responsible' for provoking mob

    he was still in office, this was legit
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    McConnell unloads on Trump: 'Morally responsible' for provoking mob

    no, he was impeached as President, constitution requires that there be a trial, which this was.
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    Trump is Acquitted

    that is how i looked at it...they decided to put the noose around their own necks....they will let trump hang like a cloud over the republican party for 4 years....i had hoped that a few with dreams of running in 2024 would turn against him...no such luck
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    McConnell unloads on Trump: 'Morally responsible' for provoking mob

    ol moscow mitch can bad mouth trump all he wants, bottom line is he didnt have the balls to vote to convict. bottom line end of story
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    Mandalorean Actor dropped because MAGA

    i'm a civil war buff, i've visited that plantation, whether we like it or not, slavery happened, it is a part of our history.....the home itself is beautiful, as is the land it sits on...the former slave quarters are now education centers , describing how the slaves lived...
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    Poisoning of Politics

    that would be a wise old man
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    Who watched the inauguration of Biden on January 20th?

    uh yeah....trumplethinskin didnt get the turnout he was hoping for....the truth may hurt, but it is what it is
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    Greatest NFL Quarterback

    Tom Brady, 7 rings, 5 mvps, won championship with 2 teams, been in 10 superbowls...bottom line, end of story......
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    Could Trump Win Another Election?

    would trump's base of kool aid drinkers hold him to the same standard of being too old ? like they did biden?
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    Do conservatives deem any news outlet that doesn’t adhere to their ideology to be the "lying press"?

    sadly, with a good percentage yes.....when 70% of republicans are of the belief that no way in hell did trump lose the election, and scream 'fake news' about anything that is not lock step with their views...i know many people, people that i consider to be generally decent people, who are...
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    Rand Paul floats impeaching Chuck Schumer

    that would be nice, but hell, half the country doesnt have that
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    it will 'end' when trumps 'ends' i believe, but then u will have repubs claiming to be the 'next' trump, trying to win over his former base....
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    Marjorie Taylor Greene harangues Democrats, the media, some GOP after getting booted off committees

    at this moment? yes...until such time as more republican rep/senators grow a set....
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