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  1. Ward

    Pranked on my B-day

    So yesterday was my birthday (18th). I thought I had kept everyone at work oblivious about it until I walked outside to find this. Had to give a thumbs up to this prank :2razz:.
  2. Ward

    25 killed in West Virginia mine blast

    25 killed in West Virginia mine blast - CNN.com Sad to hear this. Hit's home since the majority of the people I know work in the coal mines including my dad. It's kind of Ironic that this tragedy happened today because I was called for an interview for CONSOL energy early Monday morning for a...
  3. Ward

    U.S. delegation walks on our buddy Ahmadinejad

    U.S. delegation walks out on Ahmadinejad Glad to see that our delegates didn't stick around for the bashing of Israel and the states. Majority of the trash that spews out of this man's mouth is lie's so I have no clue to the reason we even allowed him to come to the u.n. meeting because...
  4. Ward

    V8 engine getting 70+ mpg

    Trident Iceni After all the preaching I've heard over the years of small cars and small engines being the future of vehicles (if we stay on oil that is) a company has finally answered my prayers. The new Iceni has a 6.6L Duramax engine with a 8 gear automatic transmission, it can go from 0-60...
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