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  1. Sykes

    Head of D.C. National Guard to be removed from post in middle of inauguration

    Head of D.C. National Guard to be removed from post in middle of inauguration First Obama's appointments were told to leave their posts (not all, just the ones appointed by Obama,) and now this. And who is to replace them? Why are the positions being left vacant, as appears to be the case?
  2. Sykes

    David Cameron resigns

    EU referendum live: David Cameron resigns as UK shocks the world by voting for Brexit In a speech outside 10 Downing Street he said: "The British people have voted to leave the EU and their will must be respected. The will of the British people is an instruction that must be delivered. There...
  3. Sykes

    GZ auctioning gun used in killing of Trayvon Martin[W:106:124]

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/05/12/george-zimmerman-to-auction-off-gun-he-used-to-kill-trayvon-martin/ Think he'll get the $5k minimum?
  4. Sykes

    RIP Glenn Frey[RIP]

    Glenn Frey -- Eagles Guitarist Dead At 67 | TMZ.com There's gonna be a heartache tonight.
  5. Sykes

    RIP Wayne Rogers, aka Trapper John M*A*S*H

    http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv/wayne-rogers-trapper-john-mcintyre-m-s-h-dead-article-1.2482322 Apparently my mom had a huge crush on him back in the day.
  6. Sykes

    Christian pregnancy centers freak out after CA turns tables

    California Law Adds New Twist To Abortion, Religious Freedom Debate : Shots - Health News : NPR Full bill Further parsed Oh, but now it's not okay! TRAP laws were peachy keen, jellybean but shoe on other foot? Cue widespread panic in the streets. Sucks to be them.
  7. Sykes

    @ShoutYourAbortion: This is What a 22 1/2 Week Abortion Looks Like [W:350]

    Full article here. So tell me, pro "life" people - why is this any of your business. Why do you feel you should have any say in this decision? The truth is, what you think isn't important. What you feel does not matter. [/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR]
  8. Sykes

    What happens to women denied abortion

    Article here What I found intriguing about this study was that in examining women who were turned away, women who were not turned away were also examined. Many myths were debunked. I know it's a long read, but well worth the time.
  9. Sykes

    The Long Road to Abortion for Some of the Country's Poorest Women

    The Long Road to Abortion for Some of the Country's Poorest Women And this is just the beginning. "Oh, we're having a lot more miscarriages." Do tell. And what a coincidence that is, huh!?? /snip /snip Texas is going to suffer, no matter how things unfold. Women will become injured or...
  10. Sykes

    Dad searched how long it takes animal to die in hot car before child left in hot car

    Source: Dad searched how long it takes animal to die in hot car before child left in hot car | WREG.com Oh god. Just when I think people can't possibly sink any lower, they prove me wrong. /snip I think they should just do the same to him. After the trial, of course. Later in the article...
  11. Sykes

    Christian radio host John Balyo arrested, allegedly paid for sex with minors[W:18]

    I assume I have to say allegedly? Prosecutor: Christian radio host admitted to raping boy Looks like his new bride's son may have dodged a bullet. Wonder how old he is. WCSG prays for healing after radio host John Balyo busted on child-sex assault allegation | MLive.com
  12. Sykes

    Facebook returns kidnapped baby - well, that's the short version

    Talk about amazing. Thanks to an Amber alert and three young women who recognized the kidnapper, the baby is safe with her parents.
  13. Sykes

    A Christian family, a gay son – and a Wichita father’s change of heart

    A Christian family, a gay son – and a Wichita father’s change of heart | Wichita Eagle Very good read. I've yet to see a christian who could explain why shellfish and divorce are okay, but homosexuality is not. If one of my daughters turned out to be gay, it would be the same in my mind as if...
  14. Sykes

    50 Things Every Woman Should Realize About Men

    50 Things Every Woman Should Realize About Men Gee, where to begin. I truly wish this article was anywhere near as funny as the author believes it is. I literally don't know where to begin. In other news, I've decided to convert to Catholicism so all three girls can join a convent before they...
  15. Sykes

    Hillary Clinton on Abortion

    Why yes, actually. I will be voting for her when the time comes. Excellent points were made, and I agree right down the line, most especially and specifically with the TRUTH that when birth control is promoted and used, abortion rates go down.
  16. Sykes

    Is this what they meant by minority outreach?

    [/FONT] Read more: Two-time GOP loser changes party to Democrat, name to Cesar Chavez for new congressional bid | Arizona Capitol Times I wonder what his family thinks; his father, specifically. I mean - you don't just give up the family name because you're trying to win an en election by...
  17. Sykes

    You gotta see this

    This guy made my day. :D
  18. Sykes

    Princess Bride wanted to marry her True Love

    'The Princess Bride': Wright wanted the fairy tale - CNN.com I love this movie, and would watch it every day if time allowed. The comments are hysterical. :)
  19. Sykes


    For the first time in a very long time, I am looking forward to a new show.
  20. Sykes

    Still missing Freddie Mercury

    Didn't feel like burying a Queen video in the middle of the "What are you listening to" thread. Every time I hear him, I am impressed. And his writing? Seriously?? Look at our crop of 'talent' today.
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