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    Why are conservatives OK with the Flat Tax?

    I've often heard conservatives say the Flat Tax is a fair tax while the Progressive Tax is not fair, but why are conservatives ok with the Flat Tax? Under the Flat Tax, you still pay more in taxes the more you make, so you are punished for making more just like in a Progressive Tax. The only...
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    What do you need an assault weapon for?

    Chances are that an assault weapon will be used for offense rather than defense. You can't really CCW a rifle so you will probably be carrying a pistol if you are going to defend people while you CCW. Chances are that you will have a pistol nearby, and then have to go get your rifle if you...
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    Health condition - need advice

    Don't want to be a buzzkill but I'm in a bit of a bind and DP'ers are pretty smart and I could use your advice. Don't wanna gross you out but I have a health condition, an infectious disease an intestinal parasite. I got it from travelling a while back. And it has become airborne so that...
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    new rules for debate

    new rules for debate: if you look down 3 times or more you lose the debate if you look directly at your opponent you win the debate, while if you look at the audience or the moderator then you lose the debate if you are writing something down while your opponent is speaking, then you lose the...
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    Jon Stewart - Fines

    Just a funny moment from Jon Stewart. Fast forward to about 0:30 seconds. Boris Johnson - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 06/11/12 - Video Clip | Comedy Central
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    Anyone play Portal 1 and Portal 2? I just finished the games after I bought them bundled on Steam. Pretty innovative game and the puzzle solving gets addictive after a while. I hope they're making a third one.
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    How does the stock market increase wealth?

    Just wondering, how do people make money from the stock market? Is it not a zero-sum game so that when one person makes money, another person loses some, minus dividends paid out by the companies? I understand that the net effect of a stock market is to increase a country's productivity...
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    Jon Stewart: Hannity on Occupy Wall Street

    http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/wed-october-5-2011/parks-and-demonstration?xrs=share_copy Not sure if its been posted before, but fast forward to 3:00 minutes. Funny lol.
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