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  1. Plain old me

    Should Prisoners ne allowed to vote?

    Okay doke...in the UK an ex-prisoner has taken the Government to the EU court of Human Rights, saying that Britian not allowing those currently serving a prison sentence the vote is a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights, of which the UK is a signitory. The Court ruled he was...
  2. Plain old me

    The Founding Fathers

    Ooh, new forum... right, I'll get to the point...as my profile says, I am a seventeen year old British student, studying History. Part of which is the birth of liberal democracies, in particular the formation of the US Constitution. A very small part of this is the difference in opinion of the...
  3. Plain old me

    A Gay UK Primeminister?...apperently not...

    As you may or may not know Michael Howard, the leader of the UK conservative party, is standing down during this term, leading to a race for leadership. However, on Monday, Alan Duncan, Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, announced he would no longer be running for leadership due to low...
  4. Plain old me


    Hello, just droppin in to say hi, I'm an English student who thought it might be enjoyable to try debating internationally. Ah, the powers of the net
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