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  1. Axismaster

    Privitized Social Security

    I do like jelly beans, but I rarely eat them because the only place to get them in town is at the ultra-expensive peanut store. Still, I do hold it to be true that we should privatize social security. It has been done in other nations and proven a success.
  2. Axismaster

    Tancredo 4 Prez

    Who is this Wyatt Chesney guy they keep bringing up?
  3. Axismaster

    Premarital sex

    Look I believe in live and let live, I am by no means a Bible thumper, but I am a Christian. This is my own personal belief on the thing.
  4. Axismaster

    How do you classify yourself, politically?

    Abortion: Center-right Why: I think you have a right to life that can't be ignored, but in the cases of rape, there needs to be exception. Affirmative action: Center-right Why: No public place should be allowed to do such a thing, but if a private organization wants to, that's great. Balanced...
  5. Axismaster

    Tancredo 4 Prez

    Tom Tancredo is thinking of running for President. I would like him to. He is not only staunchly opposed to illegal immigration, but he is on the list of several leading government trimming organizations. So he wants lower taxes. I hope he runs on an Indy ticket though, so he can come out...
  6. Axismaster

    Privitized Social Security

    At least Reagan temporarily solved the crisis, and if he had gone and offered personal accounts, he could have solved it altogether. Is it any wonder that 90% of Chileans opt for personal accounts?
  7. Axismaster

    The Grading Scale

    There are children hungering to go to school in the Third World and you are talking about PAYING students?!?!
  8. Axismaster

    Where the **** is the outrage!

    Why do you Republican/Republican supporting conservatives think everything bad about Iraq is fake? If anything, the news is watered down to make it sound GOOD!
  9. Axismaster

    5 Facts About Abortion

    So are you defending that Hitler lover?
  10. Axismaster

    A day without Latinos

    I think that it would be extremely cruel just to deny a person treatment. Now, I am against illegal immigration, but the Bible says, "Do not oppress and alien" and in denying them treatment, you are.
  11. Axismaster

    Premarital sex

    I think that premarital sex is an abomination. Anyone who does it better not do it lightly and ask for forgiveness from God after doing it. God tells us several times in the Bible (my pastor once said how many times, but I forget) that premarital sex is wrong, and we as a society had best listen...
  12. Axismaster

    5 Facts About Abortion

    Here are five facts about abortion I think that every pro-choicer needs to know about the founder of their movement. 1. Margaret Sanger, who started Planned Parenthood, called for the elimination of blacks and Jews, and believed that abortion and eugenics could be a vehicle for such. 2...
  13. Axismaster

    I struggle so hard with this issue

    Now I'm against abortion because I think it is a form of taking away somebody's right to life. Most libertarians disagree with me on abortion, but we agree that natural consequences should be free to play out. You have sex, you get pregnant, you better carry it.
  14. Axismaster

    Who Do You Want in Power?

    As if we're still living in medieval times...
  15. Axismaster

    Why I'm an anti-anti American.

    Amen, as sucky as things have become in this country with the Patriot Act, more regulations, too many taxes, and other lost freedom, we are still freer than Europe.
  16. Axismaster

    sex education should be taught at 8

    I don't see why we don't just partially privatize the system and let the DANG SCHOOLS TEACH WHAT THEY WANT instead of sitting around debating about what sort of standardized curriculum we should have.
  17. Axismaster

    Who Do You Want in Power?

    Look here, medieval Iceland was CLEARLY anarcho-capitalist. Now, I am a moderate libertarian and would never advocate such a system, (though I would love to see it tried) but it has clearly happened before and clearly worked. My main beef is that I worry about vigilante justice.
  18. Axismaster

    Che Guevara: Hero or thug?

    My best guess is that over 100 million died so some idiot despots could wave their hammer and sickle around without any form of political opponents in the last century alone, including at the hands of El Che.
  19. Axismaster

    A Democratic Plan for Victory

    Good Lord! What planet do you live on?
  20. Axismaster

    Deb lafave - No jail time

    Well, maybe they should be on the books, we should just try by case. Lock up the NAMBLA guys, but this is much different. I mean, come on man, age is only a number when it comes to true love. I live by that philosophy.
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