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    New to a political forum

    Thanks for trying to get me to stay guys but I got my mind made up....This place just isn't for me..
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    Nope I'm out..

    Nope I'm out..
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    Well the ulcer is about the size of a dime. I don't have it THAT bad. and like I mentioned before, No, I don't have H. Pylori. took blood tests and all that. I havn't lost any weight or anything either. I'm tall for a japanese girl and lanky 5'8" 135lbs
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    The Chevrolet Volt

    This makes me want to puke in my rice. I don't care about energy efficiency when it comes to a car. I'm about high octane fuel and horsepower or you can forget it. This car is atrocious. Anyone who buys this probably wears birkenstock sandals with the knee-high wool socks and really high docker...
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    Anti-Facebook Movement?

    I'm fall into the age group of all this mess so...Yeah I'm not into the whole facebook thing at all..it does absolutely nothing for me.
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    New to a political forum

    Dono yō ni sakkā shōnen ga okotte iru no ka? Watashi wa sakkā ga geida to omou
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    Nope. no H. Pylori..they ran tests and even did the wonderful camera up the you know where. that's one thing i've never been is much of a soda pop drinker..or alcohol or much of anything carbonated..so I think im safe there.
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    How Many Languages Do You Speak?

    Okinawan (my mother is from there) Japanese of course, and ENGRISH!
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    How Obama is Invading Your Home

    Speaking of energy and efficientcy...This whole electric car thing I think is BS. I don't know about you folks but I like to hear my car respond after shifting gears and punching the gas pedal...I want to put ultra premium fuel into my car..not plug into some wall outlet..there's nothing...
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    So why do you have Ernie as your Avatar? Do you look like Ernie? lol

    So why do you have Ernie as your Avatar? Do you look like Ernie? lol
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    Remember I am female too so sometimes I am crazy I'm told by my co-workers lol If I dont take my birth control to balance out my hormones I'll go old testament on somebody lol we wouldn't want that now would we. Another thing might I add..is sometimes I think I have social anxiety...I can read...
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    No, no..I live in the US now..but i'm from Japan..lol being away from my "comfortzone" I think is what causes this. My doctor said diet is the most important if I want a speedy recovery. I bought this "aloe vera" juice..it tastes like mouthwash but it does ease the pain and works..he said...
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    So I went to the doctor yesterday and I've been having severe abdominal pain..they did discover I have a stomach ulcer..I am 28 years old..i turn 29 November 11th. Since living in the US for only 8 months I believe it is due to culture shocks and stress. I feel so overwhelmed sometimes I freak...
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    New to a political forum

    Thanks. Now I feel a bit more comfortable.
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    Erase One Major U.S. Event

    As a Japanese I agree also..I have been living in the US now for almost 8 months..many do not share the same views as me and say that the US obviously knew what these nukes could do, but not the lasting effects..I still say if they didn't do it many more would of lost their lives at a much...
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    The Political Cartoon Thread

    Re: The cartoon thread I'll do some messing around with it and see what I can come up with =D
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    Legalize it!

    I'll add this for some humor..even Tojo can't go wrong! lol a little photoshop work.
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    The Political Cartoon Thread

    Re: The cartoon thread How about Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo as a boy band? hahahaha that would be hard to make but I'll do some thinking over Maybe put Churchill and FDR in there for good measure..gotta have a bass player and some more guitar in there.
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    The Political Cartoon Thread

    Re: The cartoon thread What if Obama and Kim Jong were rappers, I thought....so I made this yesterday..I have fun doing stuff like this in photoshop.. if you guys have anything in mind let me know! and i'll make and post.
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