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  1. Axismaster

    Tancredo 4 Prez

    Tom Tancredo is thinking of running for President. I would like him to. He is not only staunchly opposed to illegal immigration, but he is on the list of several leading government trimming organizations. So he wants lower taxes. I hope he runs on an Indy ticket though, so he can come out...
  2. Axismaster

    5 Facts About Abortion

    Here are five facts about abortion I think that every pro-choicer needs to know about the founder of their movement. 1. Margaret Sanger, who started Planned Parenthood, called for the elimination of blacks and Jews, and believed that abortion and eugenics could be a vehicle for such. 2...
  3. Axismaster

    My drift rightward

    I used to be a staunch libertarian, but I have recently had a religious awakening and now support the America First, Constitution, and other parties like that. I was reading up on Zionist conspiracies, pornographers, etc. and have become convinced that libertarianism just doesn't cut it. This is...
  4. Axismaster

    Freedom without democracy

    Lately I have been starting to doubt democracy. You see, it leaves room for the people to be dictators, mob rule, where 51% of the people can take away the rights of the other 49%. Hong Kong is the freest country on Earth, but it never had democracy. It has remained a night watchman state...
  5. Axismaster

    Remember the USS Liberty

    It seems that we tend to forget when Israel deliberately attacked the USS Liberty, but I think it is time we got back at them by ending all aid. I just never got how we fund a country that attacked our troops, do you?
  6. Axismaster

    Why public schools are bad

    Crusader against communism and the New World Order, Rev. Butch Paugh is exposing all the ways that public schools hurt children. Here are fifteen great examples from his site. Sadly, it is not like our socialist government will listen to our pleas.
  7. Axismaster

    The sex-obsessed Religious Right

    I have a new theory about the Religious Right. It is that they are sex-obsessed fetishists. All they talk about in their political issues is sex. All they whine about as problems in the world are sexual things. All they do is talk about sex, and how to restrict sex. I think they have a fetish...
  8. Axismaster

    Gay, straight, bi, or something else?

    I am 100% straight. I don't have much of a problem with anyone that isn't though.
  9. Axismaster

    Who cares about Harry Belafonte?

    Who cares about that old geezer Harry Belafonte, I mean, he is like the Pat Robertson of the left, with all his crazy remarks. What we should focus on is his daughter Shari Belafonte. At the age of 45 in 2000 she posed totally nude in Playboy! What I can't get over by looking at the pics is how...
  10. Axismaster

    A Libertarian's argument against abortion

    The official position of the Libertarian Party on abortion is neutral, saying that government should stay out of abortion rights while people should not be forced to pay taxes for government-funded abortions if they believe it is murder. For the most part, they will use the classical arguments...
  11. Axismaster

    Sick of Democrats and Republicans?

    Sick of Democrats and Republicans? Sick of more and more restrictions on freedom? Sick of a slow economy? Sick of a rising theocracy? Sick of Washington corruption? Sick of all the problems in the world? If you answered yes to any or all of these, then you are like me. My politics kind of...
  12. Axismaster

    Tax consumption

    I don't know why we don't just abolish all those damn taxes, shrink the government, and tax consumption rather than income. Seriously, it would help the poor because they would have a ton more money, and provide enough money because we know how much Americans love to spend. Let's just abolish...
  13. Axismaster

    Michigan Militia

    I think it is a shame that the Michigan Militia gets such a bad rap in the media. I am not a member, but I live in their state and sympethize with many of their anti-government views. The media portrays them as racist neo-nazis, but they are not. They have no racistness and are open to all races...
  14. Axismaster

    Where do you sit on the political compass exactly?

    I think that many of you may have seen the Political Compass quiz. It is the one that measures your social and economic views rather than the old right-left junk. It has four quadrants. I was clearly in the libertarian right quadrant, meaning that I am more capitalist on economics and...
  15. Axismaster

    An international taste of political scandal

    Does anyone here watch British Parliament? Because if you do, you will know that one familiar figure is Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy. Well, next season on the show is sure to be a real shake-up, as he has resigned his leadership capacity (just like a famous politician over here) due...
  16. Axismaster

    Did you know that Republicans don't want to outlaw abortion?

    I am a pro-life libertarian, which is odd, but I am. Now, it is usually Republicans talking about being pro-life, but this is not reality. Republicans actually want abortion to remain legal so that they can always have it ready as a political issue to divide and conquer. Of course, it is my...
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