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    Khadafi says Hussein Legit Iraqi Leaders

    Dear easyt65, ..That should come as no small surprise to you that the media would report that, ..Anymore than notice that Sadaam's own words for his defense "mirror" the very same things the democratic party liberals have to say in their denunciations of President Bush!! Blame America first...
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    Why Republicans Can't Win

    WHY REPUBLICANS "CANT" WIN???? HUH HUH, :smile: ..& by what "alternate reality" are you living in as there has been ONLY 1-democratic party president since the infamous, impotent & ineffectual presidency of Jimmy Carter? (nearly 30 years of liberalism REJECTED)...must have just slipped your...
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    Worldwide Protests mark Iraq war's third anniversary

    Most liberals WOULD like to assume that Bush's administration is in its death throes because they LOVE all the anti-Bush hysteria put out their for consumption by the NOTORIOUSLY liberal socialistic apologizing N.Y. Times, L.A. Times, & old media! :smile: Right now the congressional democrats...
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    France Riots-Proving Liberal Policies Don't Work

    Dear aquapub, ...OUTSTANDING post! ;)
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    C-mon dems: censure & impeach Bush?

    What are the democrats waiting for? Have we not heard volumes on how Bush is spying on Americans, & destroying civil rights, behaving like a "king"? Not to be outdone by just those crimes but remember, "Bush lied about the war in Iraq, & Bush might have even blew up the New Orleans levees cause...
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    Affirmative Action....come On!

    I admire you for all of your honest candor, & note all the guilt that you carry around in spite of all the hard work that you said you did in order to find that certain degree of success. Here, I will help you to deal with your guilt about being successful because YOU think its because you are...
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    Default F.D.R.'S s.security was prostituted by democrats

    subject: Social Security truths Many years ago in Seattle, two wonderful neighbors, Elliott and Patty Roosevelt came to my home to swim on a regular basis. They were a great couple - full of laughter and stories that today I continue to marvel at. Both are now deceased, but their stories...
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    There is No Substantial Liberal Media Bias!

    Yeah, ..There's no liberal news bias;..& a bear doesn't crap in the woods either! :lol: As popular as Reagen was it was the liberals, & the MEDIA who tried to sabotage his efforts of winning the cold war, ..& they even put up roadblock after roadblock of opposition along with the...
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    Dems "THINK" they will get power back, huh huh?

    Dear Talloulou, ...The country "switches" back & forth from reps to dems & so forth????????? I have seen ONLY 1-democratic party president (Clinton's two terms) since the days of Jimmy Carter;...did I miss a democratic party president somewhere in the last 30 years? :smile:
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    Bush bashing, censureship, & impeachment talk:

    The almighty media polls, as manipulated as they are by the liberal newsmakers, & the lets trounce, demean, criminalize, & scandalize Bush for political purposes day after day for years now has been the democratic party 'rah rah' cheer..! Okay, ...lets see how the REAL majority sees things when...
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    Liberalism's "seditious" history & current behavior

    Some of the better quips from Ann Coulter. She certainly IS right on the money, no wonder why the "left" despises her ..read on: "Liberals don't mind discussing who is more patriotic if patriotism is defined as redistributing income and vetoing the Pledge of Allegiance. Only if patriotism is...
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    Is Bush a "lame duck?"

    I guess it depend upon the gutless republicans who choose to believe some of these phoney media polls! Most second term presidents generally go through a period of ineffectiveness, ..& irrellevance. The dirty little secret is that Bush is not quite the lame sitting duck president as the...
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    The "phoney" Palestinian myth & misery it created

    Yeah, ..as long the liberally inclined CHOOSE to neglect the truth!;)
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    McCain & the straw poll

    The problem for Frist is that his "face" is not that well known. As far as Hillary goes, ..she will NEVER be president regardless IF the democratic party even is stupid enough to give her the nomination! :smile: She has NO chance, ..but don't tell her that cause' she is out trying to re-invent...
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    Feingold/Censure thread(after merges)

    C-mon dems rally around Feingold and, tell us Exactly WHAT you believe in. IF you really believe Bush has expunged your rights, spied on Americans, made you more vulnerable, broke laws ..& actually believe that President Bush is a threat to the security of America, & should be impeached, ..TELL...
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    The "phoney" Palestinian myth & misery it created

    When arab country's TEACHES their children to HATE jews & most westerners in the classrooms, ..& they do, & the palestinian population is INFECTED with this hate since childhood nothing serious will ever come out of any respect for peace plans. Now, ..not all palestinians are as violent as some...
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    Democrats: mid term elections, & 08'??

    Okay, ...PLEASE tell me WHAT CIVIL RIGHTS that have been EXPUNGED from YOU!! Like I have said, & continue to say...LIBERALS LOVE TO HIDE UNDER "CIVIL RIGHTS" ISSUES THAT ARE SO PHONEY. Know how many so called "abused" terror prisoners died at Gitmo? I do, ...ZERO, Zilch, Nada...None, At...
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    Dems "THINK" they will get power back, huh huh?

    Dear GySgt, ..excellent post! The democrats have a had a LONG sorry history of putting whats best for the democratic party instead of whats best for America on the top of their wish list! I prefer saying it this way with regards to elected democratic party presidents: There has been ONLY...
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    McCain & the straw poll

    Peace & prosperity? Even when we do have it, the media neglects to tell you, unless of course we have a fine self righteous democratic party president that enjoys IGNORING world terrorism as Clinton did, cause' Clinton didn't like to tackle such things.;)
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    Dems "THINK" they will get power back, huh huh?

    Nothing funny about it all, as long as the liberal media helps to CREATE the false illusion about the mainstream majority is represented by the modern democratic party.:smile: Much in the same vein that THEY tried to have people believe that Kerry was the overwhelming favorite by the "phoney"...
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