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  1. braymoore

    Another Clinton in the White House?

    Does anyone really think this is possible? I mean come on, I don't think Americans are that stupid do you? Why does Glenn believe this strategy will win Hillary Clinton the White House? – Glenn Beck
  2. braymoore

    Public Transportation

    Hey everybody! I was thinking today as I was getting on a packed train here in Rio if all public transportation is like Rio. Over crowded, expensive, and very uncomfortable. And if you think that your state isn't doing the best of job when it comes to this subject, what are some ideas that maybe...
  3. braymoore

    State Rankings in Gun Freedom

    Hey everybody! Just wanted to get everyone's opinion about this site's ranking the states in gun freedom. I would really like it if people from every state could comment on if that's really how they think their state acts and if that's where they belong on the list. I for one thought that Texas...
  4. braymoore

    An Honest Candidate for President?? Could It Be??

    So let's just say that a politician started his career and was always honest. Maybe a white lie here and there but nothing to serious that he used to take advantage of someone or use for his gain. If he were able to work his way up the ranks to the point where he could become the candidate for...
  5. braymoore

    More Important Matters

    So as I was sitting here looking through various threads on DP I couldn't help but notice that ever since the outcome of the GZ/TM trial all that the media really cares about is talking about dozens of shootings around the US. It's like they are trying to make a point saying, "look how all these...
  6. braymoore

    World Nuclear Explosion Count

    So this is supposed to be the world nuclear explosion count up to the year 1998. Now I have no clue if this is fact and I would like the opinions of others that have more knowledge of this subject. I'm not going to lie, I would have thought that Germany would have had a couple of nuclear tests...
  7. braymoore

    What The Greek!

    The national anthem of Greece has 158 verses. No one in Greece has memorized all 158 verses - Serious Facts I was truly blown away when I read this. Is there any reason to have a national anthem so long?? Probably gives a full history of the country. :lol:
  8. braymoore

    1 Trillion Dollar Question

    The Trillion Dollar Question: Is College Worth It? | Fox Business So I have been thinking about this alot lately. I have been living in Brazil the past year I will most likely be stuck here for a little longer. The reason for that is because my wife is Brazilian and it will take about another...
  9. braymoore

    A City on the Moon?

    Could it ever be possible that we will be able to create a literal city on the moon? This includes houses, malls, businesses, parks, etc. Also if this were to happen would the city be considered part of a specific country or would it be more like it's own nation?? Thoughts and opinions.
  10. braymoore

    Raising the Salary of Police, Firefighters, and Servicemen

    So why don't we raise the salary of police officers, firefighters, and servicemen?? They are out there putting their lives on the line each and everyday. They are protecting us and our rights! Doing much more than lots of other jobs that make much more than them. You think that this is just...
  11. braymoore

    The US and World War 3

    If World War 3 suddenly broke out at the end of this year what would be the first actions of the United States? What would be the ultimate outcome for the United States when the war finally was over?
  12. braymoore

    Do You Believe In Ghost Sightings??

    So I was on youtube just watching a bunch of different stuff and this one video came up about ghost sightings and pictures. Watched it and then a few more. To me most of the stuff is false and was made. Only a few of the pictures I saw actually looked real. So what's your opinion on ghost...
  13. braymoore

    The Most Influencial Person in US Politics

    Who was or is the person that had the greatest impact and influence on the US government system???
  14. braymoore

    Attacking the National Flag

    Okay so here is a question that I would like to see people's opinions and thoughts. Here in Brazil with all of these protests and such, there was an interesting idea that I read about. So the people were talking about how everyone needed to wear the national flag around their bodies because if...
  15. braymoore

    Atheists and Evil Spirit Possesion

    So I was thinking to myself the following question. If atheists don't believe in God which in turn makes them not believe in the devil, what is their opinion about people who are "possesed" by evil spirits or devils???
  16. braymoore

    Brazil Protests

    Brazil protesters angered by fare hikes promise more demonstrations after violent clashes | Fox News The people of Brazil are finally waking up and doing something about their government that steals so much from them. In the three years that I have lived here in Rio there have been many issues...
  17. braymoore

    Greatest US President

    Who was the most greatest President in the history of the United States of America and why???
  18. braymoore

    Greatest Decade for Music

    What decade had the greatest music artists??
  19. braymoore

    Old Glory Touching the Ground

    What are your opinions and thoughts about the whole "if the flag touches the ground then it needs to be burned"? In todays society do you agree with this statement?
  20. braymoore

    Eye for an eye?

    What is everyone's opinion on the phrase "an eye for an eye" in today's world? Think that it should be enforced as a law?
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