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  1. SHodges

    Is Sony encouraging illegal file sharing?

    Go after the guys selling the pirated copies as the real thing first, and stay the heck off my PC.
  2. SHodges

    Open source

    The only serious competitor towards Windows would be GoogleOS, and I highly doubt that would end up as an open source OS either, so no, open source operating systems will probably remain a niche market for geeks and servers. Open source applications, however, have a pretty decent market ahead...
  3. SHodges

    stem cell research. Can a compromise be worked out?

    The best compromise would be finding some politicians that aren't pandering towards religious nutjobs that would stop screwing around and allow stem-cell research to start taking place again. The idea of stopping it because they don't like a LEGAL activity is just "morally wrong" of someone...
  4. SHodges

    Intelligent Design gets the smackdown it deserves

    The whole idea of teaching ID in science class is just offensively stupid. Science is the act of going out and looking for answers, and proving those answers correct, not saying "God did it!" and going home.
  5. SHodges

    Why is private school performance better than public school

    Competition. Thread over.
  6. SHodges

    Abortion Bloopers

    Go talk to your average person. I'd be glad to see more abortions.
  7. SHodges

    FBI's COINTELPRO Activities

    You do what's necessary to protect the country, not what you wish you could to protect everyone and preserve their rights in fantasy land. Get over it.
  8. SHodges

    Oprah Winfrey

    Opera is watched for entertainment, not political opinions, ergo making any political opinions she may offer up a nonissue. Fox News is watched for political opinions, hence why it's more detrimental. For all the talk of a liberal media bias, most of the liberals are speaking through an...
  9. SHodges

    Women Will Be Left To Lead Soon

    Women have too many inherent flaws to lead :confused:
  10. SHodges

    The Real German Holocaust

    You don't hate jews, you only hate everything about them, that's reassuring. And you aren't fooling anyone, you're a neo-nazi! Not only is being 17 hardly a handicap at all (and resorting to age again in a debate is just sad, how did AL Gore let you on in the first place?), but you're very...
  11. SHodges

    Ancient Aryan Town Discovered in Russian Urals

    Wow, I'm not sure how to respond, you refuted basically everything I said with good poi....wait, no, no you didn't. At all :| If you're first sentence in a debate is attacking the age of something (especially when you're obviously a 13 year old neonazi raised in the mean suburbs and...
  12. SHodges

    Bird flu

    The 1918 virus also existed in a very different world that made it's spread far easier than today, and that exaggerated it's lethality compared to what you'll find today. The 1918 virus doesn't change a thing, the bird flu is a massive joke on idiots.
  13. SHodges

    Noam Chomsky On Sports

    He's completly right. The people calling him "retarded" (without even the benefit of a high school diploma I dont doubt) reinforce this fact.
  14. SHodges

    The "Theory" of Evolution vs. "Creationism"

    Sorry for the massive string of posts, but I think it's very relevant here. Evolution isn't a "theory", and creationism is just the vile perversion of scientific fact married to religious superstition - of course it doesn't need to be taught in favor of evolution, or at all. Everyone is...
  15. SHodges

    The "Theory" of Evolution vs. "Creationism"

    Two thousand American lives later, remember the beginning. One commentator quite plainly made the case that every few years or so, the United States should "throw a small nation up against the wall" to prove that it means business. And Idiot America, which is all of us, cheered. *chocolate*...
  16. SHodges

    The "Theory" of Evolution vs. "Creationism"

    "You don't need to be credible on television," explains Keith Olbermann, the erudite host of his own show on MSNBC. "You don't need to be authoritative. You don't need to be informed. You don't need to be honest. All these things that we used to associate with what we do are no longer factors...
  17. SHodges

    The "Theory" of Evolution vs. "Creationism"

    In America, the Founders were trying to get away from all that, to raise a nation of educated people. In pledging their faith to intellectual experimentation, however, the Founders set freedom free. They devised the best country ever in which to be completely around the bend. It's just that...
  18. SHodges

    The "Theory" of Evolution vs. "Creationism"

    Dinosaurs with saddles? Dinosaurs on Noah's Ark? Welcome to your new Eden. Welcome to Idiot America. LET'S TAKE A TOUR, shall we? For the sake of time, we'll just cover the last year or so. A federally funded abstinence program suggests that HIV can be transmitted through tears. An Alabama...
  19. SHodges

    The "Theory" of Evolution vs. "Creationism"

    There is some undeniable art—you might even say design—in the way southern Ohio rolls itself into northern Kentucky. The hills build gently under you as you leave the interstate. The roads narrow beneath a cool and thickening canopy as they wind through the leafy outer precincts of Hebron—a...
  20. SHodges

    Bird flu

    You'd have to be an idiot to be afraid of Bird Flu. 24 hour news network need something to report on, and Libby isn't going to hold an entire day of programming, Aruba is long gone, so what do you do? You fabricate a pandemic. They've been doing it for a long time, it's the same concept as...
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