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  1. Donkey1499

    Coming Back, I Guess...

    Hey, don't know how many of ya's may remember me, but I'm back. Last time I was logged on was 04/2008. A lot has happened since then, of course. I've got some catching up to do. :P Actually I was quite surprised when I found out my profile still existed on here. lol
  2. Donkey1499

    Who's gouging the price of gas?

    I've just worked on something here and I want y'all's input. Friday, January 12, 2007 The Price of Big Water Compared to Big Oil Current mood: accomplished Category: News and Politics Ok, I've been paying alot of attention to our economy news lately, and all I've been hearing is how...
  3. Donkey1499

    Some of my Favorite, Funny Videos about Democrats and Liberals.... Enjoy!!!

    These videos are meant to make you laugh, not to offend anyone. If you're offended, well... tough cookies. Dean Reloaded YouTube - Dean Reloaded! Howard Dean for President just another funny one. Explosive laughs! Hehehe YouTube - Howard Dean for President Satanic Democrats YouTube - Satanic...
  4. Donkey1499

    Presidents doodle while in office

    I saw this and thought it was funny. So I decided to post it on here. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060919/ap_en_ot/books_presidential_doodles_1
  5. Donkey1499

    2006 NASCAR Chase For The Cup

    Alright, here is the list of who's in the Chase: Matt Kenseth Jimmie Johnson Kevin Harvick Kyle Busch Denny Hamlin Dale Earnhardt Jr. Mark Martin Jeff Burton Jeff Gordon Kasey Kahne Tony Stewart the Bitch Titty* didn't make it, which makes me glad. Tony wrecked my driver, Clint Bowyer, at...
  6. Donkey1499

    "If The South Woulda Won..."

    http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/If-The-South-Woulda-Won-lyrics-Hank-Williams-Jr/D6DD5A9C6239BECC48256DD8000A8860 Here's some lyrics that I totally agree with. I wish truly that the South did win in 1860-something. We really woulda had it made. Or at least us southerners would have. In...
  7. Donkey1499

    Editorial By Charley Reese Goes TOO Far

    Here in Pasco County (where I live) we Pascoians receive a twice-a-week news paper called The Suncoast News (which is printed by the 'very liberal' Tampa Tribune). And in this paper, in the editorial section, is a columnist by the name of Charley Reese. Now, I shall post a few quotes from this...
  8. Donkey1499

    Toyota Camry to NASCAR

    Who, besides me, thinks this is the dumbest thing ever? EVER? Camry going to NASCAR Busch and Nextel Series, PAH! It makes me sick. You got car names like: FUSION, MONTE CARLO SS, CHARGER.... then this little pansy-*** name (say it slowly) C-A-M-R-Y. It just doesn't fit, so NASCAR fans MUST...
  9. Donkey1499

    Sorry, parents, you're overrated

    Here's a link to a story written by Robin E. Blumner, the St. Petersburg Times' official leftwing nutjob. I think she's full of ****. But I'll let you other members decide. http://www.sptimes.com/2006/05/14/Columns/Sorry__parents__you_r.shtml
  10. Donkey1499

    Dem Leaders Really Care For The Poor?

    I was watching Special Report: W/ Brit Hume on Fox yesterday and saw a report about how some businesses in Los Angeles have to close their stores because the bums are literally camping out in the front of the stores; in tents, boxes, sleeping bags, you name it. But the police can't arrest these...
  11. Donkey1499

    Really Important News About Florida!

    You have got to read this story! It's really, really important!!! http://www.baynews9.com/content/36/2006/5/4/157083.html
  12. Donkey1499

    "The Redd Problem" Steals Donations

    I've been told by a little bird that the mod, cnredd (aka "The Redd Problem") has been stealing donations from DP members since November 2005. 'He just suddenly popped up with a message saying, "thanks for the cash you wanker! Now I can add this to my World Domination Fund"' Ivan the Terrible...
  13. Donkey1499

    Which Car Company Is Your Favorite?

    I didn't list them all, but I put down some of the more popular ones. After your selection, write down which model is your favorite.
  14. Donkey1499

    Chocoholics Unite!

    Read this e-mail I got. It's pretty fun to do.
  15. Donkey1499

    Illegal Immigrants Polluting America!!!

    I just saw on Fox News that not only are ILLEGAL immigrants breaking Immigration Laws, Murdering, raping, or bringing diseases, they are also breaking ENVIRONMENTAL LAWS! They leave their trash all over the ground, like empty anti-biotic bottles, torn clothing, food containers (including...
  16. Donkey1499

    NASCAR being picked on by Liberal NBC

    Read this bit, NBC shows its true colors: http://www.nascar.com/2006/news/opinion/04/06/cross.nbc.dateline/index.html
  17. Donkey1499

    Some things that Donkey doesn't like

    For one thing, I can't stand all these egg-headed morons who put those stupid bumper stickers on their cars that say "I'm a proud parent of an Honor Student at Jack Meov Elementary" [exaggeration in the name of the school]. Who gives a flying ****? I sure as hell don't! Like Elementary school is...
  18. Donkey1499

    What the Hell is the Lover's Nest For?

    Why is this even in here? Is DP now a dating site too? Maybe we can get Kelzie and Billo hooked up together. That would be an explosive combo... :mrgreen:
  19. Donkey1499

    Top Government Official Arrested!

    Here's a link to the story: http://www.baynews9.com/content/36/2006/4/5/152202.html
  20. Donkey1499

    Ivan the Horrible

    I say we go to Ivan's place, pull him out of his little tree house in the backyard, and throw him a good beating. Who's with me? I'm only joking, I'd never really assault anyone from this site.:mrgreen:
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