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  1. Ward

    What do you do for a living?

    I currently work in a coal mines (1800 feet shaft). I help keep 16 miles of belt line running, work on de-gas, a process of drilling into blocks of coal to bleed the methane out so that we can stay mining without our equipment gassing off from too high of methane levels (or blowing up :2razz:)...
  2. Ward

    US Navy to run on Bio-diesel.

    A neat little way to make algae for the production of bio-diesel Algae for CO2 capture at Tarong coal power plant - Oilgae Club. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone is always the best route if you ask me. :2razz:
  3. Ward

    2010 Midterm Results Discussion

    Their calling Morgan Griffith (R) as the winner for House in VA.
  4. Ward

    The Stig forced to unmask

    Unfortunately, but he's still one hell of a driver. Least he may be able to give some commentary on cars now after he drives them since he's the only one that usually push's them to their limits.
  5. Ward

    Do You Eat Junk Food?

    Yes, gotta have 'em Doritos's at some point in the day e'reday.
  6. Ward

    What Accents do You Find Most Pleasent?

    I really like to listen to someone with an Irish or Australian accent. As for not liking, gonna have to go with the New Jersey/Boston accent. Also surprised some people like southern drawl (which i guess is a good thing since i have it really bad :2razz:)
  7. Ward

    Drivers, Drags and Racin'?

    I own a '08 2500 hd Duramax. All ways fun to beat the Ford powerstrokes that have chips while your running stock :p.
  8. Ward

    Top 5 TV Shows

    1. Breaking bad (If you've never heard of it defiantly need to look into it) 2. Justified 3. Archer 4. How to catch a predator (while it lasted :() 5. Build it bigger
  9. Ward

    What one item that hasn't gone up in cost?

    I can still find some places around where I live that still sell cans of pop for .50$ and bottles of pop (soda for you non-southern folks) for a $1 out of vending machines.
  10. Ward

    Pranked on my B-day

    So yesterday was my birthday (18th). I thought I had kept everyone at work oblivious about it until I walked outside to find this. Had to give a thumbs up to this prank :2razz:.
  11. Ward

    Nerd, dork or geek or none of the above?

    None of the above, 5 or so years ago I defiantly would of been under the nerd category but after getting my license then a job I found no time for the fun nerdy things anymore (:()
  12. Ward

    best way to repair/paint a fence

    If the brown under the white is the actual wood and not another layer of paint, from the looks of it, you could rent/buy a 6000 (or more) psi pressure washer and it will remove most of the paint then just sand the **** out of (use a palm sander and the lowest grit sand paper you can find) or use...
  13. Ward

    KFC's new Double-Down Sandwich

  14. Ward

    25 killed in West Virginia mine blast

    Yeah I saw that also. Massey likes to think they are above the law along with being assholes since it seemed like an act of congress just to get them to keep the roads clean of dirt after they put a strip mines in my hollow. My uncle is a state inspector and I've heard him mention many times...
  15. Ward

    Have You Ever Experienced Racism?

    Yes... Apparently on X-box live coming in first place in the majority free-for-all matches on MW2 automatically makes me a nigger at the end of every round :shrug:
  16. Ward

    25 killed in West Virginia mine blast

    25 killed in West Virginia mine blast - CNN.com Sad to hear this. Hit's home since the majority of the people I know work in the coal mines including my dad. It's kind of Ironic that this tragedy happened today because I was called for an interview for CONSOL energy early Monday morning for a...
  17. Ward

    Germany makes the worlds best cars!

    I will give you Euro's one thing, you beat us by a long shot when it comes to making cute little cars.
  18. Ward

    Germany makes the worlds best cars!

    FIXED :mrgreen:
  19. Ward

    Germany makes the worlds best cars!

    I think this sum's up what's really going on when looking for "the best car". Company's make cars that fit the roads in the country they are made in.
  20. Ward

    Germany makes the worlds best cars!

    Last i checked the majority of mufflers now-a-days, including the American cars, are making engines so quiet that you can't hear them over the roar of the tires. Which with your 1-2L engines that really shouldn't be hard for most European cars. And if your looking for sleek, but neutral...
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