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  1. braymoore

    Fellow Christians - What is your take on the Old Testament?

    I shall be direct and quick with my answer. Yes, the OT has importance and should not be less studied than any other scripture. I think people don't teach/talk about it as much as the NT because let's be honest it's very difficult to understand. The way they talk and the analogies that several...
  2. braymoore

    2014 NFL Pick'em Game!

    Packers Bears Ravens Steelers Eagles Vikings Patriots Saints Raiders Titans Redskins Panthers 49ers Broncos Lions Chargers
  3. braymoore

    Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Leak Who is responsible?

    Didn't say he committed a crime.
  4. braymoore

    Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Leak Who is responsible?

    Well sure he is. Nowadays you have to take every precaution possible to protect things inside your house. In my opinion there needed to be an option called "both are at fault" because that's the truth.
  5. braymoore

    Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Leak Who is responsible?

    I did say that whoever hacked and leaked the photo is a fault and should be charged. Let me explain it this way. Let's say that you have 1 million dollars. Wouldn't you keep it in a safe and have that money super protected? I think anyone who has a reasonable mind would. Now let's say that you...
  6. braymoore

    Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Leak Who is responsible?

    The question was who is responsible for the leaked photos. The answer to that question is simple. It's the person who took the photo's fault. Nowadays you have to think the following, "If I post or save this photo or whatever to the internet it could be leaked through hackers." With that being...
  7. braymoore

    Another Clinton in the White House?

    Does anyone really think this is possible? I mean come on, I don't think Americans are that stupid do you? Why does Glenn believe this strategy will win Hillary Clinton the White House? – Glenn Beck
  8. braymoore

    Militarization of police

    There is nothing wrong with the police having a vehicle to protect themselves. In today's world who knows what kind of firearms someone could have. It's better to have more protection then have someone kill a bunch of cops in the patrol vehicles and then kill them self in the end.
  9. braymoore

    Do you Generally Trust the Government?

    I prefer to keep my eye out but I usually can "generally" trust them. I'm kinda forced to. I really don't want to worry about what they could be doing better and what their prime concerns need to be. I have more important things to worry about in my day to day life. This is me being very honest...
  10. braymoore

    Nfl 2014/15[W:117, 134, 348, 1312]

    Re: Nfl 2014/15[W:117, 134] I agree but that won't really change the outcome of the scores in their games in my opinion.
  11. braymoore

    Nfl 2014/15[W:117, 134, 348, 1312]

    Re: Nfl 2014/15[W:117, 134] The Packers will have a fantastic season this year in my opinion and according to several experts. Hopefully they can win against the Seahawks this year, after last years ridiculous game.
  12. braymoore

    Should the US Raise Security Threat to the Nation at its Highest Level for Sept 2014?

    Re: Should the US Raise Security Threat to the Nation at its Highest Level for Sept 2 I don't think that it needs to necessarily needs to be on the highest security, but we definitely need to raise it. You never know what can happen, especially in the world in which we live. I mean they have...
  13. braymoore

    Rand Paul: As president I would 'destroy ISIS militarily[W:20]

    Re: Rand Paul: As president I would 'destroy ISIS militarily Well in my opinion the government is taking way to much time to decide about what to do about the whole ISIS problem. It's not something that needs to be made in two days but also isn't something that should be kept on the back...
  14. braymoore

    Do you think the Washington Redskins NFL team should change their name?

    I think the name is fine that way it is. I mean it's been that named since the team entered into the league way go and change it now? Just because some native americans are offended? I don't know why people get all bent out of shape when it comes to skin color. Really bothers me. The next thing...
  15. braymoore

    Public Transportation

    Yeah I could see that being the case in a smaller city. In smaller cities they don't seem to need as many ways to get yourself around other than your own car. In my home town for example (Salt Lake City) they have been creating more and more public transports. They have buses, light rail system...
  16. braymoore

    Public Transportation

    Hey everybody! I was thinking today as I was getting on a packed train here in Rio if all public transportation is like Rio. Over crowded, expensive, and very uncomfortable. And if you think that your state isn't doing the best of job when it comes to this subject, what are some ideas that maybe...
  17. braymoore

    Demons, Coast to Coast

    I agree with several things people have posted throughout this thread. But I just want to give my opinion concerning the doubts. Those who believe that "demons" are those evil spirits that were cast down with Lucifer, then one would have to believe that these "demons" do not and can not have...
  18. braymoore

    State Rankings in Gun Freedom

    Hey everybody! Just wanted to get everyone's opinion about this site's ranking the states in gun freedom. I would really like it if people from every state could comment on if that's really how they think their state acts and if that's where they belong on the list. I for one thought that Texas...
  19. braymoore

    How We Raise Our Daughters - 21st Century [W:87,158,368]

    I voted to raise them as strong individuals and independent. But I also wanted to click on the princesses choice. Let me explain why. Girls are not like boys. They are 97% of the time more sensitive than boys and need a hell of a lot more attention, especially from the father. With boys you can...
  20. braymoore

    An Honest Candidate for President?? Could It Be??

    I understand that I would love to have a candidate who was just that, A GOOD MAN. But like I said it would be very difficult for one nowadays to become a presidential candidate without lying. Both the republican and democratic parties have corruption that would almost make it impossible for that...
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