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  • *snort!* :2wave: I noticed Mary said you friended her and I was very jealous. I am honored that you accepted :)
    Yup, home for the holiday weekend until next Tuesday. PF looks more barren than the Sahara, and Joe1991 PM'd me to join the gang over here... so here I is!
    Is Flappythekinkiju someone that was at PF I can't figure out who it is. Joe asked me and I didn't know so I figured i would ask you?
    I am glad you like the design. It does not take to long to do your own site like that. There are some really cool ones that people have done. Its in the User cp panel.
    here is a good one for you. Metro is back as a mod at PF. TM2 is warring on them now.
    Well, it did take me much energy to get banned, just kidding. Hell, I think I just wanted to come back full of glory in order to finally join your XM social group, as I said I would!:)
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