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  • I am off to bed. i am worn out. Jerzy's wound took it out of me. I will see you tomorrow and get you those pages. Hugzzzz
    I will give big hugzzzz to everyone. The kids were so excited. We had never been away from them this long. One or the other has but never both. Jerzy asked if we would go out again so he could be the big boy. He's 4 going on 40.
    We arrived several hours early there were some cancellations and we caught a flight 6 hours early. It's nice to be home and good to see you. Hugzzzz to you and T
    Hi I am home. We caught an earlier flight so I thought I would post a few before sleepy bye. Hugzzzz How are you doing?
    Thanks very much. We hope it all goes smoothly. We allowed extra time just in case there is some glitch. Hugzzzz
    It has been a busy weekend, lots to do to get ready for the move. We head home Tuesday and will be gone until the following Wednesday. Then all of our belongings will be shipped here. Lots to do.
    Good on the bathroom and the hair sounds fun. Mia says she's jealous that your getting to do someones hair.
    Yes it has been great. We have been really busy. Mia and I are now set with all the plans for the move. We made a few calls today to inquire who will get our belongings here the fastest. We have the reservations on the planes and everything is underway. We talked to the people who will be handling the move for us as well. So much to do. We will be leaving Tuesday and will return the following Wednesday.
    This is the first time either Mia or I will not be with the kids to kiss them good night. The idea makes me yucky inside that gooey feeling.
    How has your day been? I hope it goes well.
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