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  • This is really the only political forum I want to use anymore. I just lurk on Reddit and Twitter, because there's so many comments, and I can't really express my opinion the way that I want to anywhere else. Plus, most of the formats are blatantly inconvenient for stuff like this, so this is the best thing.
    I just wanted to say, that these conversations is one of the best things I've ever had. These seriously got me through some tough times, and I just wanted to let you know how much I've appreciated these convos for the years we've been speaking to each other.
    We're just going to do the swimming under the bubble thing today. It wasn't pouring all that bad this morning, but it's about to once the afternoon hits.
    Okay, I'm gonna make like a tree and bounce! :thumbs: I need to start cooking breakfast! I'm gonna take my time and focus as much as I can, since I really want the both of them to enjoy some fluffy pancakes! I'll find some time to log on later, so we can chat! Maybe I could log back on when I'm finished cooking breakfast? I'm bouncing on the balls of my feet now, since I was stupidly sitting on my legs in the chair for a while, when I was chugging my coffee. I'm still loving curling my toes into my Pusheen Cat socks! I slipped my feet back into my fluffy moccasins, so I'm curling my toes in double the softness! I love that my feet are so sensitive! That's the best thing about having small feet! :giggle: I hope you have a fantastic day today! This is your first day as a free man! I hope work doesn't push you too hard, and you can kick your feet up when you get back home. I'll talk to you later, buddy! I love you lots! :kissy:

    This is by far and away my favorite OST in Yume 2kki! This is the saddest area in this entire game, and that's because of the overwhelming feeling of loneliness that I get from this place. There are plenty of theories on what exactly these empty apartments mean to Urotsuki's life. Were they full of people that selfishly abandoned her? Is it full of melancholic memories that she experienced throughout her own life? It kinda makes me think about my past, and how all of that's long gone now. That's the thing about dreams, right? It's stuff that you've seen before, but most of the time it doesn't feel like it. Even going back in time in your dreams can seem odd and out of place. It also brings me all the way back to the saying written on stone in Pokémon Emerald, when you travel to Southern Island to capture Latios/Latias: "All dreams are but another reality. Never forget." Nothing lives here anymore but memories, I guess...

    This is a game called .flow! :thumbs: It's a similar kind of game to Yume 2kki: It's a fan made RPG based off the original Yume Nikki! It follows a girl named Sabitsuki, and tailors her around as she explores lucid dream statues in a cyberspace-like environment. It's a constantly mutating dream world, so each gameplay experience won't be the same, since elements in the game are randomized! This game is much more 'violent' than Yume 2kki, but you have to put that into the context of a game made in RPG Maker. It's not like something overly excessive like Outlast or something of the sort, but it does have a lot of unnerving imagery; it seems to be tailored around nightmares and how they can become violent. I'm looking forward to playing it for myself soon! I want to keep on playing Yume 2kki, though, for as long as it interests me! I'll get around to playing this for myself soon enough, don't you worry!

    We're going to eat our dinner in the hot tub, when we're busy playing footsie and licking Spongebob popsicles. :) We'll have the large inflatable dome over our heads, so we won't have to worry about getting rained on or anything! I'm also making drinks for the three of us! I'll probably make them alongside fixing up my dinner, when I'm mixing in the onions and the cilantro, and squeezing limes into the pho broth. That way, I won't have to make two trips back and forth, and I can keep playing footsie in the hot tub with these two idiots! I'm making myself a white russian! I need more of that milky goodness; makes vodka much easier to swallow! I haven't gotten drunk in a good minute, so I'm looking forward to it tonight! I expect lots of drunk midnight wrestling on my girlfriend's bed! :mrgreen: I'm making them a couple of coconut margaritas! They are quick and easy to make, and we need to use the last of that coconut flakes bag, anyways. They're both getting drunk off some coconut rum!
    For dinner, we're ordering pho noodles! :thumbs: I'm getting my red steak pho like always, since it's my favorite type of pho to eat! I'm going to have to use the sriracha bottle, because for some reason the sriracha that they give you in cups, tastes kinda odd now. I don't know if they are mixing a different formula, but I don't like it very much. I'm also ordering a strawberry smoothie with tapioca balls, since I'm gonna need something cool to quell the fire in my mouth! :cool: You wanna know what's cool? We've got crab legs in the freezer that we can eat! I'm going to defrost and cook them today, so we'll have some tasty crab legs to go along with our pho noodles! I'm going to make spicy butter dipping sauce, so we'll have some of that to dip our crab meat into! It's delicious, and it makes eating crab legs all the more fun! It's difficult tearing those legs apart and sucking all of the meat out of them (I make sure I eat all of the meat), but it's worth the effort! :mrgreen:
    We're going to set up the volleyball net, as well as the basketball goal, but that's just a matter of taking it out of the garage. We've got a floating ping pong table (it's extremely stupid, I know) that we can use, so we can bring that out and have some fun with it! It's a very fun game to play in the pool, and we always splash a bunch of water everywhere! :lol: I also can't wait to wrestle in the pool with the both of them! I'm ready to play rough in the pool, and it's always a tough fight when I'm up against them both! It's difficult, and it's super tiring; the three of us are always panting like dogs when we're finished! It's so much fun, and that's why I enjoy it, no matter how hard I'm breathing by the end! I like being super competitive! I also like being slammed into the water, since I'm so light and skinny! It's not hard to throw me! :mrgreen: I lose wrestling matches more often in the pool than I do wrestling on the bed, but I still do my best to put up a decent fight!
    It is going to be raining on Saturday, so it might be smart to leave the inflatable dome where it is, so we can go swimming under it tomorrow! It's large enough where it encompasses the pool and the hot tub, so we'll have no trouble with either! It also will envelop the rock ledge, so I can jump into the deep end as many times as I want! We're going to have to move some of the pool chaises underneath the inflatable dome, since they are situated away from the pool. We can probably fit three under there easily, so we'll still be able to relax ourselves and each have our own pool chaise to lay on our bellies and kick our feet up! :cool: It'll be nice to lay on my belly on my bleached blue towel, and relax myself! I always come close to falling asleep! :) I'm glad I feel back to my normal self, so I'm going to have no trouble swimming with my sister and Cassie! I've been taking it easy and sunbathing, just having my feet kicked up. Now, I really want to go crazy in the pool with them!
    Speaking of swimming, that's going to take up a huge chunk of our afternoon! :2grouphug Unfortunately for the three of us, there's a fairly high chance of rain later today, which would've put a damper on our swimming plans. However--we have a solution to our problem! We're going to inflate the inflatable dome cover tent! It's a large, clear inflatable dome that essentially protects the pool from rain water. It'll keep the rain off of us, and we won't have to be stuck inside all day. We haven't brought this out because it's a complete hassle to set up, so we never bothered. But we're going to set it up today, since the three of us really want to go swimming! The dome is large enough so that we can also put the inflatable slide underneath it, and we can have fun sliding down the slide into the pool! :cool: It's going to be worth all of the effort, especially if the rain decides to pour down for most of the day! I'm sure it's going to be a hassle taking down, but whatever. :shrug:
    For lunch, I wanted to get wings from Wingstop, since I'm craving eating some hot wings! :fueltofir I have a high tolerance for spicy food, so their ATOMIC wings aren't super hot for me, like it probably would be for lots of other people! I feel the heat of course, but it's nothing that I can't handle! I still enjoy the taste, so they are still my favorite flavor to buy! I'm going to get a bunch of wings (10 pieces), because I can stuff my face with a whole bunch of wings, and I lick them clean to the bone every time! We have lots of mini carrots, so I'm going to eat those, since I like them much more than celery sticks, and I can shove them in my mouth when I dip them in ranch dressing! I think I can eat the whole bag! Obviously, since all three of us have COVID-19, we'll have to get it delivered here with no contact with the delivery man/woman, but that's not going to be an issue, since we always tell them to leave the food on the backyard table (when we're swimming in the pool).
    So, we've got a bunch of stuff planned today! :thumbs: Of course, the three of us aren't going anywhere, but we've come up with lots of fun plans on our own! I'm feeling really good today, so I thought it would be nice to cook for both of them! We've got a bunch of bacon strips, eggs, and I've got more than enough milk to use! We also have plenty of pancake mix, which is what I'm going to need for this. I'm going to make fluffy Japanese souffle pancakes! :cool: It's like your regular pancake, except it is super fluffy in the middle! It's because of the egg whites, so it makes it super airy! They are delicate in your mouth because it's essentially air being trapped inside of the pancake (if you cook them right it feels like it melts), so it's not thick and hard or anything like that. They are actually super simple to make, so I thought it would be cool to try it out, and see how it goes! We have whipped cream, so I can swirl some on there, along with lots of delicious butter! :)
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