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    A Question for LIBERTARIANS...

    I'm familiar with the system, and while intriguing, and obviously useful in certain scenarios, I don't think it would be taken well at the federal level in the US. In your scenario, you suggest a Libertarian candidate would receive a whopping 30% of the vote, more than the Republican candidate's...
  2. WingsOfDesire

    Are polls showing overall GOP losses skewed by the south?

    Well, I would point out that excluding the Northeast and South, the other two regions don't reach a strong 50%+ threshold, so there's really plenty of time before these become more filled out. Most pollsters will acknowledge that yeah, they may indicate where it's headed, but there's no...
  3. WingsOfDesire

    After Fox News hit, Paul avoids local TV reporter - in reporter's own studio

    eh, this is a nonstory to me due to the severely lacking amount of any substantive evidence now, how he handles the situation is the only thing that really matters at the moment
  4. WingsOfDesire

    A Question for LIBERTARIANS...

    It's always amusing when you start seeing people advocating for popular vote and not the EC, read up on some history! The OP on the two-party system though is an incredibly interesting debate. I had a genius professor for a gov't course a few years ago in which he delved into all the theories...
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    GOP plan to extend tax cuts for rich adds $36 billion

    The Republicans are lead by McConnell, Boehner, and Steele.. so I can't begin my sentence with, "If the Republicans were smart..." Instead I just have to say: See: Bush Tax Cuts. yeah, that turned out to be a real winner Smart tax cuts don't exist anymore, just "oh, woe on the rich, they're...
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    Is it worth it to go to college?

    I was sitting next to a guy at a ball game a week or so ago, and we were talking about this and that, when he mentions that when he went to East Carolina in the 80s (85 I think), his tuition was like 300 bucks a a semester. Maybe it was even less than that. Tuition at my school is 26k a year...
  7. WingsOfDesire

    I didn't choose the "ism", the "ism" chose me

    I'm no longer a supporter of capital punishment, not because of moral applications, but because of an imperfect justice system. I never want to hear another story about a person being found innocent years after they were put to death. Most of my 'liberal' policies I've adopted are more social...
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    Which nonpolitician would you like to see be president?

    I'm sorry but I find that to be one heck of a puzzling, and incorrect statement. This guy is a living legend, not some military hack that happened to get lucky by knowing the right people.
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    Harry "Racist" Reid at it again!

    Marco Rubio is taking this one well. I heard because he thinks Reid is such a great and smart guy, he's switching parties.
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    Video: Democrats busted trying to falsely slander Rand Paul supporters

    Ron Paul dug his own political grave, and if Rand Paul doesn't be careful, then he'll join his nut-case father.
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    Boy Scouts showing their love for Obama

    All sort of irrelevant given the fact this deals with the Boy Scouts of America to be honest.
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    Boy Scouts showing their love for Obama

    By my calculations I see none. Although reviewing earlier information made me wonder why at least Biden didn't make it. Years' past showed the VP and First Lady as people to attend in the Prez's absence. I was just making the point that if you're going to miss one, the 100th is a hella' one...
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    Boy Scouts showing their love for Obama

    Was I missing something, or is everyone akin to believing the 12 president figure is accurate, which it most certainly is not.
  14. WingsOfDesire

    Stereotypes are so true

    People see what they want to see.
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