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    Kanye West suggests African-American slavery was 'a choice'

    It is a choice. Just like poverty and having cancer is also a choice. You can always just die a horrible slow death if you dont want to be a slave, poor, or have cancer anymore. Some people might say "is that really a choice?" and those people are just obviously not man enough to recognize the...
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    Porn star Stormy Daniels cashes in on fame amid legal fight with Trump

    My only issue is she came to my home town of Columbia and I didn't hear about it until the next day.
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    Trump says he would have confronted Florida school shooter even without a gun

    I despise Trump but this comment which included him saying "You never know until you're tested" (I've said the same thing on an occasion or two) should not over shadow the fact that he said he'd be willing to take on the NRA.
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    Hundreds of teachers sign up for free gun training in Ohio

    I dont need to prove a system is perfect for it to be better than our system or our system with some extra armed teachers. We can look at the experiences of literally every other first world country in the world to see that there are better systems to prevent these kinds of things from occuring...
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    Liberalism vs. Biblical Christianity [W:463]

    If you'll re-read, I said all truths AREN'T relative. There is a real truth. When we say truth is relative, we are refering to the logical truth of a statement in the context of the category you are speaking about. Let me ask you this: At what point does a ship become a ship?
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    Hundreds of teachers sign up for free gun training in Ohio

    The issue with this approach comes when it is the only significant approach taken. There are just simply too many variables and questions and potential problems to cheer this on as a step in the right direction. I think teachers who are willing being trained to take down a school shooter is a...
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    Armed deputy at Florida high school resigns after failing to engage shooter

    Re: Armed School Resource Officer ... Did Nothing! Obviously the only REAL way to protect schools is for each school to have its own SWAT team and sniper. Or maybe we could acknowledge there isn't any one foolproof way to stop this kind of thing so we need a multifactorial approach?
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    The FBI said it failed to act on a tip warning of the suspected Florida school shooter's potential

    I need to know how many tips like this they receive and actually act upon before I'll put much blame on the FBI. The FBI and Police got tips about JFK being assassinated too but there were so many called in tips they couldn't possibly have listened to any of them
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    Wealthy neighbors pack community meeting to oppose planned homeless shelter on 'billionaires row'

    We can devolve into partisan hackery or we could be civil and rational and admit that even proclaimed progressives and liberals don't really like having to deal with mental illness and extreme poverty. This is not the first time this has happened, section 8 housing in affluent areas (read: areas...
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    ‘I want my voice heard’: Women plot runs for office in record numbers

    What is unequal? The amount of representation they have in government.
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    Exploding the Great Republican economic myth

    But at the same time, you listed as examples of people who have achieved success with decreasing the deficit Clinton who was nearly impeached and Obama who had one of the most obstructionist Congresses in history maybe only second to John Q. Adam's. I'm not sure I see a correlation with great...
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    Exploding the Great Republican economic myth

    The only real power the President has in this particular scenario is veto power. So he or she can only really dictate what doesn't get passed, but he can't veto a non-passed budget like has been the case for a decade. The Presidency experiences less volatility than congress really given the...
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    Liberalism vs. Biblical Christianity [W:463]

    1. The question of the divinity of Jesus was not "settled" for hundreds of years and eventually only under the threat of death. This debate was the followed by an equally contentious one about the nature of the Holy Spirit. 2. Much of the condemnation of homosexuality in the Bible is debatable...
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    The constitution is stupid

    You clearly know nothing about history.
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    Exploding the Great Republican economic myth

    I would push back slightly on this idea a little considering both Clinton and Obama cut the deficit in large part due to the efforts of a Republican Congress, especially for Obama. He would not have pursued spending cuts (nor should he have because that was stupid) if not for the Tea party. I...
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