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    MSNBC's Chris Matthews doesn't get war re-enactments...

    His group recreates the 5th SS Panzer, a unit that was indeed a part of Jewish exterminations in both Hungry and the Ukraine. You might also note this is the unit that famed war criminal Dr. Joseph "Angel of Death" Mengele served in. I have seen historical recreations, there is no0thing on...
  2. Vandeervecken

    Is Cooking an Important Skill or just a Great Hobby ?

    No, both are important. No matter how you exercise if you eat nothng but junk, your body will not prosper.
  3. Vandeervecken

    The Treatment of Bush Has Been a Disgrace

    Well said, the media has in fact pretty much rolled over and played dead with this evil man.
  4. Vandeervecken

    Where in the constitution do peolpe get Freedom of speech as a right?

    The 14th Amendment prevents states from impinging on any federally protected rights as well.
  5. Vandeervecken

    God in the government

    Interesting, it doesn't do that on my monitor so I was unaware of that phenomena. I'll shrink it this evening so it no longer does that. It was not an intentional rudeness, but thank you for telling me so I can fix it. I would think that would get annoying.
  6. Vandeervecken

    Why public schools are bad

    LOL, where I grew up the only thing the Catholic school was good for was to find easy girls.
  7. Vandeervecken

    God in the government

    What does that mean?
  8. Vandeervecken

    God in the government

    We do not fear god, any more than we fear the easter bunny. We fear the rapture filled zealots that history shows do great evil in the name of their various and sundry gods. I once had a bumper sticker (of all things) that summed it up well, it said: Dear Lord, Protect Me From Your Followers.
  9. Vandeervecken

    God in the government

    This is a secular nation. The Constitution clearly sets us forth as such. There is no meaningful mention of god in it at all. The only mention of religion is the first amendment wherein it tells the government to butt out of religion rather clearly. It is a lie to say this is a Christian...
  10. Vandeervecken

    God in the government

    Please bear with me as I have been gone for the btter part of a month and will take a day or two to catch back up. If I miss anything, please repeat the question you were waiting on. Thanx!
  11. Vandeervecken

    Cheney shoots a guy

    Not in my state. In my state it i an automatic charge, just as attempted murder would be. People cannot choose to let the negligent individual get away with their act. I've yet to see if that is normally the case in Texas. Wrong, poaching is at least a misdemeanor in all 50 states...
  12. Vandeervecken

    Cheney shoots a guy

    Crimes - Firearms - Reckless Discharge - Intentional Discharge/Unintentional Target Instructions - Criminal - Lesser Included Offense - Misdemeanor - Involuntary Manslaughter/Reckless Discharge of Firearm Any person who, because of carelessness, recklessness or negligence, but not willfully or...
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    who is the worse president in our history?

    An excellent point. A peace I might add that has maintained to this day.
  14. Vandeervecken

    Cheney shoots a guy

    Too funny and too true.
  15. Vandeervecken

    Cheney shoots a guy

    Negligent discharge of a firearm resulting in injury is a criminal act. Poaching (shooting game without the proper permits) is a criminal act. BTW Cheney did not go to a local paper, the ranch owner did.
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