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    USA Is Communist!

    uhhhhh, oookayyyee Oh, and why is that? Because people would get wealthy? Private non corporate enterprise would flourish? Or more importantly, less would support communism..
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    USA Is Communist!

    Finn, I do know a few personally...I'm ashamed to admit. Nature of extremes. However, we do not have a Capitalis society, we have a corporatist one. And we do not and have never had a true free market society either.
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    The sex-obsessed Religious Right

    Eh? You got the wrong dude. I was responding to the Christian who implied nothing bad ever happened due to their (Christians) views on sexuality.
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    The sex-obsessed Religious Right

    How many people have criminal records, kicked out the military, jailed for sodomy, oral sex, killed for being gay, turned into serial killers due to a perverted sense of sexuality (Joe Kallinger) How many? How many? How many? Of course we will never know. You care that much about sex? Stop...
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    Conspiracy Researchers.

    It's good the DP has created this forum. There is much disinformation out there on the different conspiracy theories. I'd like to start this topic, as a listing for the different sites, that discuss and research conspiracy theories. Three sites that I frequent are these. www.abovetopsecret.com...
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    Bohemain Grove

    Bohemian Grove, and child molesting, do a google search on that, then download the banned Documentary, Conspiracy of Silence, that's the documentary that was supposed to air on the discovery channel, and they yanked it, and tried to destroy all the copies. After you have done that, pick up...
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    Ancient Civilisations with Technology

    Regarding the face on Mars and blurry images of the moon. We can take pictures of other galaxies, nebulas, distant stars, etc. But we cannot get a clear picture of various topography on Mars, The Moon, and Neptune? Something sounds real funny about that. Add to that fact, that when watching the...
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    USA Is Communist!

    My idea of a good TV show involves throwing the commies and the Nazi's<-----(socialists) into a pit, watch them duke it out, then the winner get's shot. Hey, I can dream can't I? For you free market types, I read this book, it's SciFi but a Liberatarian's paradise.. Down with the UN!!! My...
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    Liberal democrats "WANT" people to believe they are the majority

    DING DING! Give the man a cigar!! Funny how most people do not realize it huh?
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    Should felons own guns?

    Regarding prison. The one thing I have seen on a personal level, is the prison system itself, is one of those institutions that is in dire need of repair. Whether the system is geared towards punishment or rehab, things need to change. There are are too many who go in as soft criminals, only to...
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    Should felons own guns?

    Switzerland too. Not only guns, but artillery pieces, manpads, etc. This is one of the reasons they have been able to remain neutral through so many wars. During the coldwar, the soviets had a plan to invade and occupy them, ONLY after the rest of the continent was subdued. They had estimated...
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    I'm not sure what the differences are, which is why I posted it.
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    Comrade Mao greets the Oppressed Massess

    Which is something every Political Regime has tried at some point in time. Capitalist/Corporatists societys try it through means of economics. Commies do it, by way of direct military supression. Well hello to yourself Mao, how does it feel being a slave of Govt?
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    Thanks. Liked it. Anyone ever played Fable? Good game, but too damn short imo. Nope, I am the worst sort of animal...:mrgreen: And independent!! I do not subscribed to one Political party...some things I am a lib on, some things I am conserb on.
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    No comments? Is this thread radioactive?
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