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  • Dang, there's been so much good music from the '50's on that's it's hard to remember it all. I feel sorry for peeps today. Gaga and Beeb? Give me a break, eh?
    Thank you for the "like". I am sure that I left out someone important but that was my attempt at an "all inclusive list" of U.S. "rock" entertainers. Some of the earliest had great influence on those that followed. I omitted many that were more, pop, country, blues, folk or R&B that probably should have made the list. It is very difficult to classify many musicians/groups as there is so much "crossover" invoved in "rock". I prefer blues/rock-a-billy but do listen to alot of "classic" rock and country. Many of my favorites are not "big enough" to have made that list, like The Nighthawks and Danny Gatton.
    i was new when I was thread banned and I think I should have been given the benefit of the doubt because of that. Also, this place is so tightly moderated so as to actually, IMO, reflect as losing freedom of speech. It's like big brother watching over your shoulder here. Grown-ups in this society really shouldn't be so closely overlooked. That's my opinion and I can take it or leave it, I know that fully, but I am going to have my say, regardless.
    Thread Bans remain in affect permanently. The "thread ban warning" is simply a notation on your profile that you've been thread banned, which mods can use to examine your history regarding mod actions and to allow for a way to give you an automated alert that you were thread banned (without it, the thread ban and why it happened wouldn't be brought to your attention in a way that is recordable in a way to allow mods to monitor each others actions).
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