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  1. tumbleweed

    Dick Cheney: Barack Obama 'trying to pretend'

    You might want to use a different example of strength than Reagan considering he cut and run after the Beirut bombing. I'll admit he could act though. :mrgreen:
  2. tumbleweed

    Frontpage’s Man of the Year: Glenn Beck

    I agree. David Horowitz and Glen Beck seem to have a lot in common so it's no surprise Beck got a pat on the back from him.
  3. tumbleweed

    Report: Rush Limbaugh taken to Hawaii hospital

    I heard Rush was taken to the hospital with a severe case of constipation due to not being able to release his bowels through a microphone while on vacation.
  4. tumbleweed

    Liberal Glee on Display Over Limbaugh Hospitalization

    What goes around comes around. If I were a Liberal who Rush was spewing his hatred towards I don't think I'd display any compassion for his well being either.
  5. tumbleweed

    Obama: US intel had info ahead of airliner attack

    Comparing 9-11 to a single terrorist incident is comparing apples to oranges. My post was comparing them under similar circumstances.
  6. tumbleweed

    Obama: US intel had info ahead of airliner attack

    It was six days before Bush, then on vacation, made any public remarks about the shoe bomber. Selective outrage and a double standard isn't just a trait of the "Left" like you are suggesting.
  7. tumbleweed

    Sarkozy cool on relationship with Obama

    Yea, I think Sarkozy is that shallow. I don't think you are too concerned with reality if you're trying to convince anyone how great Bush was. :mrgreen:
  8. tumbleweed

    Sarkozy cool on relationship with Obama

    It sounds like Sarkozy still has a hair across his ass because Obama chose not to rub elbows with him to his satisfaction. :roll:
  9. tumbleweed

    Palin: I'm Not the Biggest Liar of the Year

    Toilet paper for $4.97 a roll. That seems a bit on the expensive side, but if her image is on the cover sheet I expect robust sales. :mrgreen:
  10. tumbleweed

    Are You Having a White Christmas?

    15 inches here in central Northern Maine over the last day or so, about 18 inches in the Fort Kent area. Noting spectacular though. Just a snowy day in the County. :mrgreen:
  11. tumbleweed

    Palin: I'm Not the Biggest Liar of the Year

    Congrats to Palin for adding yet another foot-in-mouth remark to her resume, as well as the coveted Liar Of The Year honor. :screwy
  12. tumbleweed

    Palin says Obama should boycott Copenhagen over hacked e-mails

    It sounds like Palin is running her mouth without her brain being in gear again. It seems a lot of Republican politicians will grasp at any straw that gives them a free pass to avoid addressing the global warming issue, which now includes excuses such as a boycott of all things. As for the Left...
  13. tumbleweed

    I wrote Obama's acceptance speach for the Nobel Peace Prize

    Seeing that it was your first post here it tells me more about you than any point you are trying to make about Obama.
  14. tumbleweed

    I wrote Obama's acceptance speach for the Nobel Peace Prize

    I think your speech writing skills leave a lot to be desired.
  15. tumbleweed

    Sarah Palin tells Oprah 2012 run not on radar

    From what I saw of her Oprah appearance Palin still has a difficult time giving precise answers when someone asks her a question. If she wants to be taken seriously she needs to be tutored on how to do interviews without being so evasive, along with not repeating herself so much.
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