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  • Tumbleweed my friend it has been too long.
    Hearing from an old friend like you is the best birthday present I could ever recieve.:cool:
    friending the Mainiacs! :mrgreen: :2wave: Since you're already on my bud list, I'm just dropping by to say 'HI!' :)
    I am an islander. Mid coast. I am stuck out here in the fog with the schooners and lobstermen. Its nice, today, though. Ill be off to the shore, later. There is so much of Maine I have not seen. Isn't Presque Isle near Canada?
    Hi there Tumbleweed! You might remember me as 'Zoe' on P.F. I didn't realize, before, that you are from Maine!
    ooooo ... it was bad. Finally had a couple sunny days lately, but looks like t-storms and showers again for the next few. I think I'm growing moss ... :lol:

    No, we never did get to interact. I saw you on PF my first few days, and was happy to see another Mainer (I think I saw you before subby even), but then you were gone. I wandered away into RL, then when I wandered back .... phwwwttt ... place was *totally* different!!
    Hi Tumbles. Thx so much! I was wondering where you'd gotten to when I wandered back to PF a couple weeks ago, and was happy to see you on one thread, but then nothing. Now I know where you are! But .... now I have to get used to how another new forum works. LOL Seems like all the good PF posters, whose posts convinced me to join up in April, are gone. Weather in Maine has *sucked* so far this summer, yea?
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