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Trippy Trekker
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  • Feel some Trippy T Love! I lost my 2nd born May 5th, 2019, forever 26, my Beautiful flower child. I think about her every day! Thank you for the update... and for keeping it real.
    Thanks, my friend...been dealing with some hard stuff in real life... I'm personally ok, but in the process of losing a loved one, and not fully equipped to deal with it...so maybe ok is an overstatement. In light of that, politics just doesn't seem as important at the moment, and I don't have it in me to fight the same old fights.

    I miss everyone, I'm sure I'll be back. Thanks for checking in.
    It happens they take that seriously. I'll see if we can enjoy the movie, I'm a HUGE SW Fan, Disney has not been good to SW so far, at least these movies.
    Damn dude. It's a shame to hear about losing the people so close to you. That sucks. :(

    Best to you and yours as well Trippy. Thanks for your support.
    Thanks, Buddy. I wish you and your loved ones well and hope that you're having an excellent summer, if that's even possible in Florida (just teasing - kind of).
    Back at you! Please stay true to you! May your Best Times lie ahead!

    Win, lose or draw ... you bring noticeable passion, strength and intelligence.

    Trippy T
    Thanks for sharing about your AT experiences TT. My trek on it took me the better part of three years as I had to section hike it. I realized after I posted to you that I had said thru hike, which if I recall might actually mean I did it all at once. I did not, I lived in New Mexico at the time and as you can imagine the logistics were as challenging as the hike. Like you it is one of my favorite experiences and I got hit with all kinds of crazy weather on it. Nearly froze our asses off near Clingmans Dome! My trip was in 2000 through 2003, so it's been a while. I read several books while doing it, I think the one I liked the best was Bill Bryson's "A Walk in the Woods" which was pretty amusing as it was about hiking the AT. They made a movie out of it recently, but be warned it is pretty awful.

    Happy trails!
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