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  • It happens. Not everything works out.

    I've been with the same girl since middle school, so thankfully I haven't had to traverse the dating scene ever, nor do I ever want to.
    Naaah, Stephen Curry didn't go here. However, our basketball team is good. It's our football team that's a complete disaster. :lol: I'm wearing pants with zero holes in 'em. :lol: I'm not that crazy, though there are some people that walk around in this weather in shorts and flip flops, that I frankly think are insane.
    I'm a junior. I go to Stephen F. Austin State University. It's a small place, but I quite like it! :) My girlfriend's been with the hustle and bustle of bigger universities, like UNM and now A&M, but I like small feeling of this place. It's like 30 over here. It's terrible, but whatever. I'll get through it.
    Same. Class started like 10 minutes ago. I'm not paying much attention. I'd love to skip my last class, but I can't because we have to sign this stupid sign up sheet. But after that I'm booking it.
    Merry Christmas!

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