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    Federal appeals court strikes down union notification requirement

    Seeing as there was a time when union organizers would be beaten and killed, I can understand how keeping the general peace would necessitate making sure things like that don't happen again.
  2. the makeout hobo

    Let's be honest about what a firearm is....

    Nobody with any authority is saying though, "let's ban all guns." Lots of people support the Assault Weapon Ban, for instance, but would be right there with you if they tried to ban all guns. As American put it, "a firearm is a machine designed for killing." As I understand it, some people want...
  3. the makeout hobo

    Whose read atlas shrugged?

    I don't mind reading authors whose politics I disagree with (L. Neil Smith is super duper libertarian, and his books are alright for an occasional read), but she was just such a terrible writer. I would rather read Tolkien with all the interesting bits cut out than read Atlas Shrugged again.
  4. the makeout hobo

    Fathers disappear from households

    Do you have a source that this came "precisely as soon as we started paying them to do so"? As for the trends, I would attribute it to birth control, a rising number of women in the work force, a breakdown in the concept of marriage as a permanent institution, and various economic trends that...
  5. the makeout hobo

    Fathers disappear from households

    Government didn't cause the social conditions that led to fatherless households and single mothers. Those were due to much bigger and fundamental social trends than any government program. But if you're complaining about this problem, and you're saying that government programs that help to...
  6. the makeout hobo

    Fathers disappear from households

    And how would Republicans solve these problems?
  7. the makeout hobo

    Study Shows Rapid Warming On the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

    Gore, Pelosi et al. are completely irrelevant. The most important thing is that hundreds and hundreds of scientists have come up with per-reviewed, factual evidence that there is significant climate change in recent years, and that all evidence points to manmade factors being involved.
  8. the makeout hobo

    Kwanzaa...the facts behind the fraudulent "holiday"

    Then why do you care? Some whackadoodle came up with his own holiday, and almost nobody follows it. And what's your beef with Juneteenth?
  9. the makeout hobo

    Sudan mightier than Washington can expect

    Why do you think the US goverment wants to topple Sudan so badly?
  10. the makeout hobo

    Kwanzaa...the facts behind the fraudulent "holiday"

    Do you actually know anyone who celebrates Kwanzaa? I don't. And I generally know a lot of people. And what's your beef with Juneteenth?
  11. the makeout hobo

    Study Shows Rapid Warming On the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

    That's nice. Where I live hasn't gotten snow since 1979, when it used to get snow at least once ever few years.
  12. the makeout hobo

    apolitical message from a doctor

    First of all, this is in no way an "apolitical" message, and it's disingenuous to claim it is. What I read was mostly a lot of whining about the customer service aspect of his job, and a lot of unfounded assumptions about a certain problematic customer he had come in. You get those no matter...
  13. the makeout hobo

    Should those that pay no taxes be allowed a vote?

    Listen, Mr. Tasty-heart. First you say "freedom is the issue", then you talk about how we're talking about libertarianism. Make up your mind. We both agree that society needs laws to function, I agree we need laws to have freedom, I just think we need a bit more laws than you do, to make sure we...
  14. the makeout hobo

    A Failed Socialist State

    But all power is ultimately derived from popular vote, directly or indirectly. Every major official in America was elected in a popular vote, or appointed by people who were elected. Rome was a true Republic at the beginning, because it was run exclusively by the Patrician class with no input...
  15. the makeout hobo

    State to Eliminate “Bride” & “Groom” on Marriage Certificates [W:303]

    That's a weak and silly point. How did immorality that existed hundreds of years earlier doom the Roman Empire? It'd be like if America fell and we blamed it on the Japanese Exclusion Act. Listen man, not everything can be blamed on "teh gays".
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