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The Big Kahuna
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  • Thank you, TBK. You seem like a kindred spirit to me. It's been really nice to know you here. I wish you all the very best. And who knows... maybe some miraculously stupendously good forum is going to start up and we will both be on it. :) With much love, Gwen xx
    I hear you. I'm a bit that way myself. Imagine all the (other) things that time spent on forums could bring. It's a strange ritual, for sure. Getting fed up sounds like a natural response to these places. :)
    Will look forward to seeing you over at PF1, TBK. I post at PE (Political Edge) it's still quiet and may need a bit more time to fly. It was started by a small group of us that were pissed off at being taken over by the current PF2 mob. But it IS a genuine place. The core of it is a group of posters posting together - rather than a forum with a core of ulterior / political / financial / disingenuous crap motivations. I admit I'm not as political as psychologically based. But I muddle around and find the fit sometimes. It would be good to have you over with us, if you'd like to try it out:

    Political Edge - An International Political Debate Forum

    Not a place to sink the teeth / the passions into yet... but as far as having good people there, we have that. Re PF2, It's not you, no way. Everytime I log on to PF2 to check it out, I get the creeps at the smug boring back-slapping they do. I find it quite vacuous there.
    i asked for her address and that was what i was provided
    would not surprise me if it goes to jp5 or 12thmom ... their actions always seem to prevail
    saw your post in the refugees section about not getting to contact the pf forum owner
    here is the address i had for the pf owner
    recognize it predates the time i was banned
    and she failed to respond to me directly
    but based on mod comments i know they were pissed that i emailed her my concerns

    Hi ! Here's the PF Refugees, it's a social group:
    Debate Politics Forums - PF Refugees

    For the Tiki Bar, you have to first join the group 'the Wanderers' - not a Social Group. It's in Group Memberships, a click from your User CP:


    Click to join the Wanderers, the Bartender will decide whether or not to grant you access :twisted:

    LOL !!!
    Welcome, Tiki Man !!! :2wave: Man, this site is barely working for me too. It was creaking around this am, but hardly functional at all right now. I was out, just got back. Did you find the Tiki Bar, or PF Refugees group?
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