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  • if you have a chance, please send the pf refugees group info about access to another place to congregate ... before they end the group over here
    I've already joined politicsforum, I'm just so busy with college stuff that I can't participate in internet forums more than I currently am. ;)
    You just need to get more posts and you'll be there. Of course I voted for Crist, Sink, and Boyd. You think I'm a moron? ;)
    Sorry. That puts me in a position of begging

    If anything I will make a complaint to mgt about abuse of the group.

    thx tho
    Hey Tedmin.
    I believe I and about 15 other members were dropped from the Group 'PF Refugees'.

    I sent this VM to justabubba a few hours ago'

    """Why was I dropped from PF Refugees a few days ago?
    I was a contributing member in good standing - in re the business OF the group - if not with you politically or personally. I don't cull members of Team Science I created/moderate because they don't agree with me on M-E issues.""
    Nah -- I was too naughty to ever be a mod there. Me and 12th didn't exactly get along, either.
    I haven't seen her - I figured she was hanging out in the PF Refugess forum and that I see her when I got there.
    Doesn't he have an orangutan for an avatar? I was totally kidding about the hand sanitizer - If it's who I'm thinking of, he's pretty cool
    I think that alot of them went by the wayside. Justabubba is here, Gardener is here, but there are a ton of good people here.
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